Indentation + Chin Implant

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Unhappy With Chin Implant- No Indent or Ball on my Chin, It's Straight and Square. What Can I Do?

I have a chin implant that goes along jaw line but my chin isn't attractive. It's square and straight. I'd like it defined more and a ball... READ MORE

Replaced Medpor Chin Implant With Sliding Genioplasty, Is The Indentation Permanent?

I removed my medpor chin implant of 3 years and opted for sliding genioplasty combined with mandible jaw reduction surgery. It's been 2.5 weeks... READ MORE

A Groove in my Chin when Pout Lips? (photo)

I have a silastic chin implant 9days ago. When i pout my lips, my left side chin will pit, like a groove. When I relax my lips, it doesn`t show. this... READ MORE

I had a chin implant that in ten months has serious soft tissue atrophy causing a HUGE indentation on half of my chin?

I have had a beet red area for many months on the chin. The surgeon kept ignoring it on follow up visits, and finally has stated, after me pointing it... READ MORE

Candidate for chin implant or fillers? (Photo)

I have a recessed chin with a deep indentation. I have been told that I have a class II occlusion which may be fixed with ortho but I don't think this... READ MORE

Indent on chin when smiling after chin implant? (photos)

Whenever I smile or make certain facial expressions, an indent between my chin implant and jaw is visible. Is this an issue? Does it mean that my chin... READ MORE

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