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Chin Implants Sizes

Could you help me understand the sizing system for chin implants? My wife had breast aug and it was really simple to understand sizing in that case. I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Chin Implant Final Results?

I had an chin implant done three months ago and it does not look normal. It might be too small and makes my cheeks stick out and make me look like a... READ MORE

Chin Implant - Swelling or Wrong Implant Size?

Hi, I'm 3 days post op from a chin implant. I've got a 7 mm medpor implant. My chin looks a lot bigger than I want it to be but my ps says it... READ MORE

Medpor Round Chin Implant Size

Hi, I had a consultation with my PS yesterday. He did 3-d imaging on my chin and told me that a 7 mm medpor (round) implant is needed to achieve the... READ MORE

How Much Augmentation is Possible with Chin Implants?

I come across several commercial manufacturers of chin implants that state they can provide up to 12-13 mm of projection. Is having such an implant... READ MORE

Downsizing Chin Implant - Can Revision Be Done After 6 Wks?

I had an XL chin implant 6 wks ago. As swelling subsides, it's clearly too big for my liking. I understand that it takes at 3-6mths for swelling... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Chin Implant, I can't close my lips and my lower lip is stiff. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op after a med sized intra-oral chin implant and rhino/septo. My lower lip is numb in the center and my lips don't close easily now.... READ MORE

Conform extended anatomical chin (large) or Terino square chin - Style I (medium). Which is best?

I have seen a plastic surgeon that I feel comfortable with and I am ready to pull the trigger. The initial implant that I have considered is the... READ MORE

Do I get a chin implant or sliding genioplasty? If I get a chin implant, which size should I get? (photo)

I don't like my profile as I have a weak chin and an overbite. I have had an oral surgeon suggest breaking my jaw and bringing it forward however I am... READ MORE

Is a medium chin implant the correct size to use? (Photo)

Hi, I have a surgery scheduled for a chin augmentation later this year. My surgeon said he wants to use a medium size chin implant and that my chin... READ MORE

What size/type of chin implant would you recommend to fix my profile? (photos)

Would I need a neck lift also and if I could not afford a neck lift in addition to the chin inplant would it still be worth it to get the chin... READ MORE

How can a chin implant be placed on the mandible to avoid adding vertical height? (photo)

I want my chin to project horizontally, curving upwards slightly. I do not want vertical height added to my chin because this would make my face to... READ MORE

Chin Implant size and model? (photo)

I would like to have a chin implant as my first picture demonstrates. I am not looking for a muscular, athletic, square or round look. I want the chin... READ MORE

I want a more prominent jawline plus slightly longer, and prominent chin. Can you recommend a suitable implant size? (Photo)

I am planning to get a chin implant done will it correct my jawline and give me a slight longer chin and a more prominent chin,and suggest me what... READ MORE

What are the sizes in mm of the average chin implants?

My surgeon told me she got a small size implant for me, and she also said shes gonna need to make it smaller. but im kinda confused bc i think my chin... READ MORE

Chin implant; Size and style I have been looking in the the different style of implants. What you think of my assumption?(photo)

My goal is a conservative enhancement.I´d rather have a slightly looking underdeveloped chin , then a implant that is too big for my face. I´m very a... READ MORE

Is the small size(4mm) of chin implant for me? (photos)

Hello!I was treated with a chin implant with wings (the doctor said that he cut the wings)today of small size(4mm) because the doctor told that the... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant with a neck liposuction to improve my profile? (photo)

Do you think I need a sliding Genioplasty to increase my chin length or a chin implant with neck liposuction will be enough. What is the size and the... READ MORE

Cleft Chin Implant Size?

Hello i had this cleft implant put in on Friday. Am not sure, but my face seems to appear wider then my cheeks, looks like a box almost. How does one... READ MORE

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