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Can a Chin Implant Lengthen a Short Chin?

Today, I went in to see a plastic surgeon about a chin implant to improve my short/recessive chin. I told him that I wanted to increase the... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Increase a Chins Vertical Height?

Can chin implants increase a chins vertical height and also what type of implants can accomplish this? READ MORE

Can A Chin Implant Add Vertical Height To A Small Chin?

Hi. I have small chin. From profile view my chin is good. I just need to add vertical height. Can Chin Implants add vertical height? And can Chin... READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Increase a Chins Vertical Height??

Can a chin implant increase vertical height on a persons chin (from lower lip border line to the bottom of chin)?Also how do you accomplish this? READ MORE

Is It Possible To Have More Control over Chin Implant Procedure? Can I See It During Surgery? (photo)

I'd like to have an - Internally placed chin implant.. to have no scars - Be able to see it be placed while in the operating room... so I can see... READ MORE

Best way to move lower jaw forward and also downward to increase height?

I am considering chin augmentation but i not only want to move my chin forward but also move it downward by about an inch to increase facial height..... READ MORE

Realistic expectation for chin implant exchange? (photos)

I currently have a medium silicone implant. You can see before and after pictures. It is a good change but I feel like my goal is more the simulated... READ MORE

What type of chin implant would I need to increase both height and width of my chin? (Photo)

I'd like to widen my chin to be just as wide as my lips and heighten by chin by about 2-3mm. Pics attached. Which chinplant would be ideal? READ MORE

Siding genioplasty or chin implant? For vertical hieght and projection? (photos)

I cannot decide between sliding genioplasty or a chin implant. I would like my face balanced it feels top heavy. I feel it lacks vertical height and... READ MORE

Is this chin + jawline transformation possible and realistic? (Photos)

You can notice the significant change on the chin height and breadth but also some elongation of the jaw line along with increased width in the jaw... READ MORE

Jaw/Chin Angle & Chin Implants

I want a 5mm increase in vertical height (in addition to projection) Since the chin isn't on a perfectly horizontal line. From what I can see on... READ MORE

Vertical Height via Chin Implant. I am considering the Vertical Lenghtening Implant by ImplantTech

I have a moderately weak chin. I DO NOT wish to undergone a sliding genioplasty. I know the main goal of a chin implant is for lateral projection.... READ MORE

Can a chin implant widen a rather narrow chin and add a bit of vertical height and not increase anterior projection?

I have a chiseled jawline with a chin that is somewhat narrow, is a bit vertically short, and is in a pretty good position from the profile view. I... READ MORE

Would you recommend a chin implant vs Juvederm Voluma to help with the vertical height of chin/face and triangulate? (Photo)

I had facial feminization surgery and I'm not quite content. I feel my face is too round and wide. My surgeon has recommended either small chin... READ MORE

Can jaw surgery and chin implant add facial height?

How big of a difference can a surgery to add facial height and definition make? My face is short and under average in height. Can surgerys make the... READ MORE

How can an implant increase vertical height and fullness around the base of chin ?

Hello, I'm getting differing opinions on how a chin implant works. I want to increase both the horizontal length AND vertical height of the chin, but... READ MORE

3 consultations for a chin implant. Each surgeon recommends a different shape/size implant - How do I chose? (photos)

The 1st suggested an implant with extra height to avoid a strong labiomental fold. The second suggested strong frontal projection but no lateral wings... READ MORE

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