Gore-Tex + Chin Implant

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Problems with Goretex Implant 6 Years Later

I woke up with a painful chin about 5 weeks ago after having a chin implant in June 2002. Post-op I had no problems whatsoever. It seems to be... READ MORE

Problem After Chin Implant Removal

About a year ago I had a gore-tex chin implant removed. Immediately after the surgery, I noticed that my lower lip was shorter and that when my lower... READ MORE

Will the Removal of my Goretex Chin Implant Make my Jawline Look Worse and my Chin Sag?

I really want my goretex chin implant removed because I feel tingling and pulsing sensations when I touch it or put lip balm on, sometimes when I... READ MORE

Is my Gortex Chin Implant Malpositioned? I Can Feel It on One Side Inside my Mouth.

I had a gortex chin implant placed 5 days ago and I think it must have shifted. Yesterday I started feeling discomfort on one side of my mouth and... READ MORE

What Are the Most Effective Chin Implants?

I'm considering a chin implant and have seen two surgeons. One specialisies in silicone implants one in gore tex. I want a small implant with wings to... READ MORE

What are risks involved in removing a medpor/goretex chin implant? And how much would this cost? (photos)

I will have to contact the surgeon I went to know if it was medpor or goretex, but I know it's one of the two. I had the chin implant put in at 19 and... READ MORE

Goretex Verses Mersilene?

Gortex or Mersilene? Opinions of which is better? I read that mersilene looks more natural. Would 1 provide more exaggerated look than other? 1... READ MORE

What are best Implants for chin and jaw augmentation for Asian patients?

I am asian patient and I am planning for chin and Mandibular augmentation (jawline enhancement). I am little confuse about what type of implant will... READ MORE

Can a chin implant be revised after 6 years? (photos)

I had a chin implant (gortex implant that goes on the chin with these little extended pieces that go along the bottom jaw line) 6 years ago and it... READ MORE

What Exactly is the Substance Chimera and is It Safe for Implants?

I am looking into getting a chin implant and I am currently living in Taiwan. Many of the websites here talk of using Chimera implants, which are... READ MORE

After 10 years Goretex Inplant chin, should I remove it out?

I have Goretex Implant chin for about 10 years, Recent, I felt uncomfortable with my chin, especially, when I eat and talking, I have to use my tongue... READ MORE

What size implant do I need? I feel that the small would not give me as much of a change as I like. (Photo)

I had two separate consultations and got two different size recommendations. One doctor said he would use a large silicone implant while the other... READ MORE

Can a Gore-Tex implant be removed?

The implant made my face look really long and wider from the front. It looks terrible. I am REALLY scared that my chin will never look similar to... READ MORE

Chin Implant - are there are any nonsynthetic materials that could be used to as material as opposed to Silicone and Goretex?

I understand that the medical community espouses that the materials used for chin implants are safe. However, are there are any nonsynthetic materials... READ MORE

Weird sensations in the surgical area. It's worse than how photos present, the 2nd pic shows my jaw skin is thicker (Photo)

Hi, I had a jaw implant with gore-tex last Dec. I felt ok then. But a few weeks post-op, I noticed my speaking ability was impaired, I felt the bulk... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in California who have experience with removing mersilene and goretex chin implants? (Photo)

I had the surgery done 4 years ago and would like it removed asap. I have both mersilene and goretex in my chin and it's mostly mersilene with a... READ MORE

Is a gore-tex chin implant that is slid down the jaw and screwed in place (to add vertical height) safe? Any increased risks?

The surgeon is experienced and certified by Am Bd of Surgery and Am Bd of Plastic Surgery. The surgeon tells me the particular implant is designed to... READ MORE

Which doctor performs chin implants with Gortex?

I have been trying to search online as to which doctor uses Gortex, most do silicone only. If you perform chin implant with Gortex, please leave your... READ MORE

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