Flat + Chin Implant

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I have a flat face, what would help my profile? (photo)

I have a flat face. I'm not sure which "one" procedure would help the most, but I am most unsatisfied with my lack of a jaw line and fat under chin.... READ MORE

Small Chin and Flat Cheeks - Best Treatment Option?

Im really disappointed with my profile. My small chin and my flat cheeks make my nose look big. Is it possible to fix it with a chin implant only or... READ MORE

Does my Chin Implant Need Correction? (photo)

I had a silicone implant inserted almost 2.5 months ago. I find that when I smile, it appears it is flat and raised or too high. Is it possible to... READ MORE

I have a flat face. How do I add more dimension? (Photo)

I have a very flat face. Particularly, my side profile. My nose is very flat and I do not have any dimension to my face. I am trying to become a plus... READ MORE

Will my chin ever go back to normal? It has been 6 weeks since implant removal and still no sign of normality.. fed up! (photo)

2 months ago I had the smallest size implant put in my chin, after 10 days of having it i immediately had it removed as I hated the feel/look of it... READ MORE

What is wrong with my chin implant? (Photos)

Got a chin implant and my side profile is now very flat and deformed looking. Any idea what's going on? I'm happy with how I look head on though.... READ MORE

How can I improve my profile? (Photos)

I'm 24 and feel like my profile is really, well, flat. I'd like to get some lip filler, and considering chin filler too but would love some... READ MORE

Possible jaw and chin implants without looking overdone or fake?

I have always been self conscious of my chin and jaw. I feel like my chin is to pointy and round, while my jaw is flat and unnoticeable, I was just... READ MORE

Medpor chin implant removed 23 days post op, leaving me with a flat chin. Should I worry?

Knowing the implant was not for me I got it out after 23 days. The implant was customized (narrow w/out wings) size small (5mm). 2 days post op and my... READ MORE

I got biopolimer injection to chin 2 years ago and want put chin implant now. All doctors say NO. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have flat chin 2 years ago got 5ml grade biopolimer to my chin. after 1 month looks like nothing. I want put chin implant, but doctors what i speak... READ MORE

Chin implant and overall facial improvement. (photos)

I'm interested in getting a chin implant to improve my side profile but I also want to improve the overall appearance of my face. I don't like how... READ MORE

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