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Conflicting Advice Regarding Removing my Chin Implant and Leaving the Capsule Empty, What to Do?

There are a LOT of conflicting reports here on implant removal and what happens AFTER. This is so confusing and distressing for a patient - all agree... READ MORE

Is My Silimed Chin Implant Causing the Lower Lip To Be Higher, or is it Paralysis? (photo)

I just received a Silimed Silicon Chin Implant Model 2 through an incision below the chin, plus neck lipo 10 days ago. The swelling is basically gone... READ MORE

Chin is Crooked After 2 Weeks, Is This The Final Result? (photo)

Chin is Crooked After 2 Weeks, Is This The Final Result? (photo) READ MORE

Chin Implant Scar. Recommendations For Preventing Thin Looking Lips Post Op?

I consider having a chin implant but have read about the scar inside the mouth being too tight så the lower lip is pulled in, making it thinner.... READ MORE

10 Days Out...How Much Can I Tell my Final Result? Thinking of Switching to Smaller. (photo)

Had a medium extended anatomic implant. Dr. suggested large, but I thought medium would be plenty. Still looking kind of Jay Leno-ish and am concerned... READ MORE

My Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Looks Strange, Is It Too Big?

Hi, its been 3 weeks since I had my chin surgery (without implants) I think its called genioplasty. I really look strange, kind of old with my new big... READ MORE

Does the Chin Take on the Shape of the Implant?

I'm only 2 weeks post-op, but much of the initial swelling has subsided. I'm happy with the placement and projection, but my chin looks square from... READ MORE

Will my Chin Get Smaller After Swelling Subsides? I Like How It Looks Right Now.

I am one week post op and I really like the way my chin is looking from a profile. Could my chin from a profile become smaller due to subsidence of... READ MORE

5 weeks post op neck, face, chin implant. What are the best options to smooth the muscles and bunching in the chin area? (photo)

Still have chin bunching/wrinkles and some swelling (I hope) under the chin. What are the best options to smooth the muscles and bunching in the chin... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to the See the Full Visible Results of Chin and Jaw Implants?

I know rhinoplasty takes a full year to see the final results, is the same true for a chin implant and jaw implants due to swelling? READ MORE

Chin implant/Lipo 4 weeks post op. Too soon for final look? (Photo)

I never wore a chin strap or anything like that. I feel that there isn't much of a difference in the amount of fat removed.. is it still swollen?... READ MORE

Should I have went with larger chin implant? (photos)

So now that it appears I'm at a final result, almost 3 months now I am still not sure if I should have went one size larger to give a stronger look.... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post chin implant from inside the mount with extra fat. Is it too early to see my final results?

Hi, I have just done chin implant from inside the mount and some extra fat. It has been 5 days since surgery. I am happy with the result however I... READ MORE

When can I expect to see a final result after my chin implant? (Photo)

Hello.i had my chin implant surgery and liposuction 3 days ago but i am really worried about the result.actually i did not discussed the chin implant... READ MORE

How much could my chin shrink (vertical wise) right after a chin implant till the final result?

I had a chin implant as well as a rhinoplasty 5 days ago. My surgeon said the chin won't change from the front. At the moment my chin looks very long... READ MORE

Genioplasty reversal? What are the risks? (Photos)

5wks ago I had double jaw surgery, Dr decided @ operating tale to do genioplasty as well. I was never unhappy w my chin and now Im hating it! Pls... READ MORE

Chin implant too wide/large?

It has been exactly three months since I had my chin implant done. I feel like my chin is now too rounded and not as pointed as it was. I love it... READ MORE

Imediately after a silicone chin implant, within an hour or two, is the appearance indicative of the final result?

I received a Silicone chin implant this morning and after waking up imediately loved the results. My concern now is that what I am seeing is just... READ MORE

Chin implant help - I underwent chin implant by intraoral method 6 weeks ago.

I still feel numb at my chin and lower bottom lip. It is better compared to the first two weeks but ever since then, it hasn't improved. It feels... READ MORE

When can I see final results for chin implant? It's been 6 weeks and it's still big.

My implant looks too big at the moment. I want it to go down by 20-30%. At 6 weeks, do you think it's possible? What's the typical timeline for chin... READ MORE

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