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Receded Chin, Avoiding Maxillofacial Surgery, What other Options Do I Have? (photo)

I have a noticeable receded chin that I wish I could do something about. I've looked into getting a chin implant for quite a while. The problem... READ MORE

Chin implant, Masseter Botox, Lip Augmentation. Will these procedures give me a more feminine look? (photo)

I have always been uncomfortable with what I call my "meaty" jaw line& flat chin. I've always wanted a more delicate/feminine look. I want to know if... READ MORE

I only want added projection. Would I be a good candidate for a button style chin implant, or would fillers be better? (Photo)

I want added projection only with little to no change in chin height or width. I've read reviews warning that button style implants were pointy and... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant and or Jaw Implant?

Ive been planning on getting a chin implant to widen/enhance my face/chin as it something Ive been self conscious of for years. I have a small jaw,... READ MORE

Jaw surgery with chin implant left face looking long. What can be done to fix this/ make face appear more feminine? (photos)

I had surgery on my lower jaw to fix an overbite that included breaking of the jaw & advancing it forward with metal plates. Per the doctor's... READ MORE

Chin implant or sliding genioplasty for more feminine chin? (Photo)

I have always hated my chin especially from a profile view. I feel that my profile is not harmonious and feminine as it could be, but I'm confused on... READ MORE

Nose reshaping and jaw implants for a stronger more symmetric face (photo)

I have done modelling work in the past but never liked my nose or jaw. there is a very slight tilt in my nose and lack of definition from the front... READ MORE

More feminine face, possible chin implant? Facial symmetry. (photos)

What kind of surgery/fillers/facial resurfacing could be used to make features more feminine? READ MORE

Chin implant to change face shape? (photos)

I dont know what my face shape is and i would want to have a more defined and feminine face. I am thinking about getting a chin implant but i'm scared... READ MORE

What procedures do you recommend to shorten/balance a long, thin lower face and make it more feminine? (Photo)

I've been insecure about the lower half of my face for a long time now. I know I have an overbite/overjet and a longer mandible and thin jaw that can... READ MORE

Is there something wrong with my jaw? Is it too long and is it protruding? (Photo)

Does it need something extra a chin implant wont fix? Also, is it a very masculine jaw or more feminine? (My teeth are being fixed right now) READ MORE

I have a broad face with a wide masculine jaw. Can jaw line implants at the angle of the mandible help me achieve this look?

I have a broad face with a wide masculine jaw. I want to make my face longer and sleeker and more feminine like angelinajolie. Can jaw line implants... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or jaw reconstructive surgery? (Photo)

I'm very insecure to smile or talk because of my mouth & overbite. I want to fix my problem now so I can live a confident life. Is a chin implant... READ MORE

Would an Extended Anatomical Chin Implant helps a recessed chin? (photos)

I need an implant that could help my profile. It should be slightly feminine and natural on the front view (not too pointy nor wide). My surgeon chose... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my previous question: Should I change my nose or chin? Or both? (Photo)

I asked about my chin and nose the other day. I got replies which would be helpful for a man, but I am female and would like to look feminine not... READ MORE

Unhappy with my chin, what would be your suggestion for me? What would give me facial harmony,make my face more feminine?(photo)

My chin seems to be retruded.It is not big enough for my face and i also have a very deep labiomental crease. i want to get rid of that crease and... READ MORE

Any opinions on how to fix my chin/jaw? (Photo)

What should I do to fix my chin (shape/height)? I have a very long and narrow face and would like to make it shorter/more feminine. I also believe my... READ MORE

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