Fat Graft + Chin Implant

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Chin Implant/fat Transfer Candidate? (photo)

Hello everyone! Some expert opinions would be greatly appreciated. Am I a good candidate for either a chin implant or fat transfer, and if so, which... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Improve Profile (The Projection) Alone?

I'm interested in a chin implant without adding height or width to my chin, just projection, or is it better to do fat grafting on the chin if... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Fat Graft; Jaw Implants? (photo)

In addition to a rhinoseptoplasty, I will be doing a chin aug/submental lipo.Want square chin. Implant best way to go or fat grafting or fillers?... READ MORE

Nose Surgery Plus Chin Implant, Fat Graft or Genioplasty? (photo)

I would like my chin profile to improve and was wondering if I can achieve the length simulated with a fat graft? I want to avoid implants or invasive... READ MORE

Smoking's Effect on Cheek Fat Grafts/Chin Implant?

I recently had a chin implant put in and fat grafted to my face on my cheeks and I regret doing so. I'd thought about it for years and finally did it,... READ MORE

Chin implant: Will I look masculine? (photo)

I've had neck lipo twice and it was a modest improvement to my neck/chin area. Will a small implant combined with neck lipo make me look to strong?... READ MORE

How risky are jaw implants? (photos)

Hello, I have been researching ways to widen the mandibular angle on my face. I only want a small difference, so I have been researching fat grafting... READ MORE

Can I get a chin implant, buccal fat removal, neck lipo, and fat grafting under the eyes all in one day?

I want to get multiple face procedures done, however do i have to wait a few weeks for each procedure or can i do it all at the same time???? READ MORE

I'm 5 days post chin implant from inside the mount with extra fat. Is it too early to see my final results?

Hi, I have just done chin implant from inside the mount and some extra fat. It has been 5 days since surgery. I am happy with the result however I... READ MORE

Which type of chin implant would you suggest? (Photo)

Which type of chin implant would be best? I think I have settled on a Flowers Mandibular Glove size small. I don't want to end up with a buldge... READ MORE

Would you recommend implant OR fat grafting for chin augmentation? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I would like a little more projection for my chin. I know it's difficult to give an opinion over the internet, but if you would make a... READ MORE

Giving the appearance of a longer ramus. (photo)

Are custom jaw implants the only way? What about fillers, fat grafting, or possibly hypertrophying the masseter? Also, what is the cause of an... READ MORE

What would help balance my side profile? (Photo)

Chin implant , lower jaw surgery , fat graft to the chin or nose job . I have always been concerned of the side profile of my face . At the moment I... READ MORE

What size Terino Style 2 would suit me? (photos)

Looking to go for Terino Square Style 2 chin implant along with Fat Transfer on jowls, cheek and under eye area for lack of volume, asymmetry & sunken... READ MORE

Is this combination of procedures too much at one time? (Photo)

I am looking to have a number of procedures and I will be travelling 300 miles for surgery. I am having a revision rhino and either a sliding genio or... READ MORE

Will Mandibular implants + Facial fat grafting will suffice? (Photo)

I have a narrow long face and I'm trying to make it more balanced (wider) and fuller. Double jaw surgery? So I'm trying to fill the dark hollow areas... READ MORE

Which will be better for me - a chin implant or fat transfer to chin? (Photo)

A rhinoplasty I'm getting for sure, but still trying to decide what will be best for me to balance my face out, chin implant or fat tranfer to my chin? READ MORE

Can you do a chin implant and a fat transfer at the same time?

Or would the chin implants stretching of the skin effect how the fat will turn out? READ MORE

What Should I Do About Chin and Jaw Implants? (photo)

4 years ago i had a chin implant which resulted horrible chin(deep hallows-it was a button type implant).So i ve had 3 fat grafting surgery to correct... READ MORE

Should fat transfer be used post chin implant to smooth out orange peel skin and to cover protruding bony scar tissue?

My second chin implant is showing some bony scar tissue that presents as a slight bump on the right side at front of my chin. Also some orange peel... READ MORE

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