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Would a Chin Implant by Itself Lengthen a Round Face?

What other procedures in addition to a chin implant are often done to get a longer looking face? possibly liposculpting? READ MORE

How Can I Get a Wider Face?

I would like to know what procedures I could get to make my face wider. I was wondering all the possible methods to widen a face, from the forehead,... READ MORE

Increase my Facial Length Vertically?

I have a square jaw and small chin, it makes my lower face very small, and the whole face looks like a square. I want to make my jaw and chin bigger... READ MORE

What to Do About Facial Asymmetry After Chin Augmentation?

I had Chin Augmentation 14 years ago. I still have congenital facial asymmetry my right jaw line is rounded outward towards the chin, whereas my left... READ MORE

Is Bruising and Swelling from Chin Implant Surgery Minor?

What is the expectation for bruising and swelling after undergoing chin implant surgery? If there are bruises, does the discoloration appear in other... READ MORE

I have a flat face, what would help my profile? (photo)

I have a flat face. I'm not sure which "one" procedure would help the most, but I am most unsatisfied with my lack of a jaw line and fat under chin.... READ MORE

How to Fix Face After Chin Implant Removal

10 years ago, I had a chin implant along with liposuction on the neck. Due to an my body rejected it, had to be removed. Now, my face is asymmetrical.... READ MORE

How Do Chin Implants Change the Shape of the Face?

What are the common side effects of having a chin implant? READ MORE

Half my face is curved and much less defined. I am a model this is important for my career (Photo)

I'm not sure why, but one half of my face is MUCH less angular and defined than the other, it seems almost as if it is curving. I can't figure out... READ MORE

Why Can't a 14 Year-old Have a Chin Implant?

14 yr. old boy with a  facial disfigurement, why is this too young for a chin implant? READ MORE

Are lips and cheeks expected to swell after a Chin Implant?

What degree of swelling should one expect? Could an implant procedure for a chin cause edema in other areas of the face or neck besides the chin? Where? READ MORE

Is it Best to Have Chin Implants Before A Rhinoplasty?

What implications, if any, are there if one has both a chin implant and a rhinoplasty? READ MORE

My face is too short. What should I do to make it look regular? (Photo)

1. I find my face is to short, Moreover it's round that's why it looks disproportionate. What should I do to make it look regular? 2. Will bigger chin... READ MORE

Do all chin implants result in vertical lengthening of the face? (photos)

My chin recedes horizontally (to the side) but I I like its vertical height as is (from the front). I am wondering if a chin implant will inevitably... READ MORE

Crying after jaw implants, what have I done to my face? I ruined it.

I had a narrow and tiny jaw that was in a circular motion before. I wanted jaw implants to give me that sharp male model jaw look. While my profile... READ MORE

Chin implant to change face shape? (photos)

I dont know what my face shape is and i would want to have a more defined and feminine face. I am thinking about getting a chin implant but i'm scared... READ MORE

Under-developed chin, jaw, and cheekbones. How can I add definition to my face? (photos)

After returning to a healthy weight following a long struggle with an eating disorder, it's now clear that my face lacks some structural support. The... READ MORE

Can extra large chin implant with wings change my face? (photos)

I have no jawline and a small chin. im getting an extra large chin implant with wings. will it give me the look i want?? (like channing tatum) READ MORE

Why does my face/ chin seemed unbalanced? (photos)

I keep getting suggestions for doctors about a chin implant. i am not really concerned with this but i would like incite on why it is my face seems to... READ MORE

SmartLipo for Face, Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, If you look at the pics currently my jaw is like the one in the middle. I'd like to get it down to the left or the right (more extreme?) and I was... READ MORE

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