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What is the difference between Implantech Extended Anatomical and a Terino Extended Anatomical Chin Implant?

Hello, I was wondering what the differences are between the Implantech Extended Anatomical vs. the Terino Extended Anatomical chin implant (not the... READ MORE

Is the left chin implant wing in my cheek? Why's the middle of my lower lip immobile? When to consider revision? (Photo)

Dr wants to believe it's swelling and is dismissive even if it is potentially in my cheek. Will get a 2nd opinion. It's a large silicone Terino... READ MORE

Chin implant not right shape. (Photo)

I am about 2.5 weeks post op. It is still early to tell the outcome of the chin, I'm not sure about chin implant shape & whether it was the right... READ MORE

Which implant is better for me? Extended anatomical or Flowers Glove Mandibular type? Is Flowers glove good for male? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 6 months ago, I got a medium size silicone extended anatomical type, I liked that it improved my profile but I feel my chin is... READ MORE

Would I benefit more from an extended anatomical implant or a button type implant? (Photo)

With my plastic surgeon we discussed a button type implant of 7mm. But I want to be 100% sure before my surgery. Based on the proportions on my face,... READ MORE

Chin implant to feminize cleft chin. (photos)

I am getting my chin done and have decided on the conform extended anatomical chin implant I'm worried it won't get rid of cleft and give me the more... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a new extended chin implant placed over the existing one or I need to first have the old one taken out?

I´m a 32 year old male who is not satisfied with the breadth of my Medpor two-piece chin implant. Namely, despite being physically fit, my pre-jowls ... READ MORE

Can I avoid going back to Jaw Advancement? Will extended chin implant provide length to the jaw as well as chin? (photo)

I wanted to have Jaw Advancement 4 yrs ago but the surgeon told me to do a sliding genioplasty and braces. It did not fully solve my problem. I have a... READ MORE

Why do doctors prefer extended anatomical chin implants for females? How are they better than regular anatomic implants? (Photo)

I've been researching chin implants for a while now, and it seems that most doctors use Implantech extended anatomic implants. I haven't seen many... READ MORE

How far back does an extended chin implant or prejowl implant go?

How far back does an extended chin implant or prejowl implant extend? Is there a mark as to how far back it goes. I am looking for something that has... READ MORE

Small anatomic extended chin implant removal

My chin implant is too high on my jawline. My chin is not straight like it used to be. My smile also looks weird. It's been a year. Will removing it... READ MORE

After silicone chin implant removed I have jowls that were not there before. What should I do to return back? (Photo)

26 y/o. I'm devastaded please help. I had a silicone extended anatomical chin implant small size 5mm 3months ago. The implant stayed in only... READ MORE

Chin implant: How to secure the implant? Potential problems and consequences?

1. For chin implant with extended anatomical, can the extension move upwards and affect the mental foramen nerve ? 2. What can be done to stop the... READ MORE

I want to get a bigger chin implant. What are my surgery options for extending out this area? (photos)

I want to get a bigger chin implant because I feel like my chin still lacks projection, but I know it'll look unnatural because the area in blue will... READ MORE

How long is the healing time after silicone chin implant removal?

I removed my chin implant 17 days ago. It was a; silicone,extended anatomical,small 5mm, incision under chin. I keep it only 2 days!removed it at 3th... READ MORE

Is ımplantech extended anatomical small size 5.5 mm implant is considered as a small implant compering to other small types?

I saw that anatomical curvinier etc most of these implant type's come with their own size of small. Anatomical or curvinier type implants small size... READ MORE

I got my chin implant removed after 4weeks my chin is not even. A soft lump makes one side bigger. What should I do? (photo)

I got my chin implant removed after having it for a very short time. it was small 5mm extended anatomical. İncision under the chin. Its been 4weeks ... READ MORE

2 weeks after chin implant removal I have a soft painless lump in the right side of chin? Can it be a seroma? Will it resolve?

I got my small silicone extended ana. chin implant removed only after 2 days keeping it. Incision made under the chin. Its been two weeks. I got a... READ MORE

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