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How Will a Chin Implant Change my Front Profile?

Left and mid photo unaltered. Photo on the right is the desired look. Is my expectation realistic? Or am I asking for too much chin? How will a chin... READ MORE

Conflicting Advice Regarding Removing my Chin Implant and Leaving the Capsule Empty, What to Do?

There are a LOT of conflicting reports here on implant removal and what happens AFTER. This is so confusing and distressing for a patient - all agree... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs. Genioplasty - Augmenting the Labiomental Groove? (photo)

According to the orthodontist I have a retruded chin/jaw but my occlusion is good with just a slight overbite therefore I am not a candidate for jaw... READ MORE

Chin Implant Removal - What to Expect

I had neck lipo w/ large silicon chin implant 2 weeks ago. I have numbness, but no swelling. I hate the implant aesthetics and feel and really just... READ MORE

Are my Expectations Realistic for Chin Augmentation?

I have a weak/double chin and no definition in the neck/jawline. I am hoping chin augmentation along with neck liposuction will fix this. Attached are... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For My Profile From Chin Surgery Vs Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi. My jaw points down and my chin is week. I would like my jaw to appear more squared. My bite/teeth are excellent, and I don't want to do... READ MORE

Is My Silimed Chin Implant Causing the Lower Lip To Be Higher, or is it Paralysis? (photo)

I just received a Silimed Silicon Chin Implant Model 2 through an incision below the chin, plus neck lipo 10 days ago. The swelling is basically gone... READ MORE

Chin Implant Scar. Recommendations For Preventing Thin Looking Lips Post Op?

I consider having a chin implant but have read about the scar inside the mouth being too tight så the lower lip is pulled in, making it thinner.... READ MORE

Will a Dent 3 Weeks After Chin Implant Resolve Itself?

It's been 3 weeks since chin imlant, and there is a dent on the right side. The doctor says to wait because it could just be scar tissue... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Be Removed with a Good Result After 13 Years?

I had a small plastic chin implant inserted when I was 17. Now, at 30, I really regret having it placed as I worry about the aging process and how it... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic Expectation For A Chin Implant?

Is this a realistic expectation from chin implant surgery? note: i have also removed a bump from my nose with the only changes being placing a... READ MORE

Can I Have A Chin Implant Without Making My Chin Longer?

Hi im a male with an ethnic background and last yr i had a chin reduction as i didnt like my long chin. i also wanted him to make my chin "less... READ MORE

What can be achieved with a custom chin implant?

I've talked several doctors and had a few consults. The general opinion on me seems to be either a sliding genioplasty or a custom chin implant. But I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a chin implant? (Photo)

Several questions about chin implants: - Would I benefit from a chin implant? - It is true that they make your jaw more defined? - What does a chin... READ MORE

What to expect from a chin augment consultation (photos)

I went to my first consultation today and it wasn't exactly what I expected. I was given a book that the dr and his brother had co-authored. It had a... READ MORE

Realistic expectation for chin implant exchange? (photos)

I currently have a medium silicone implant. You can see before and after pictures. It is a good change but I feel like my goal is more the simulated... READ MORE

Do I have the potential to become exceptionally attractive, or would that be an unrealistic? (photos)

What is unattractive about my face? I think I need mandible advancement, by nose may be too large, I'm unsure of my facial proportions, but I... READ MORE

Is a chin implant the best option for me? (Photo)

Do you think that a chin implant would be the best option for my situation? What kind of results should i expect? What do you think of fillers ? are... READ MORE

Thinking about chin implant, are my expectations reasonable? (Photo)

I have a recessed chin and I am thinking about getting a chin implant, are my expectations in the pictures reasonable? What size and type of chin... READ MORE

Chin implant/lipo realistic expectation. (Photos)

Would this simulation be realistic with an implant and liposuction? READ MORE

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