Erosion + Chin Implant

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Silicon chin implanted 20 years ago causing bone erosion: What should I do? (Photo)

I had a silicone chin implanted 20 years ago. As I would like to have it changed for a bigger one I went to consult a ps. He told he has never seen... READ MORE

Are silastic implants better than porex (Medpor) implants?

Hi, I would like to know if silastic implants are better than porex (Medpor) implants. What about bone erosion ? Will I have to change my implant in... READ MORE

How long do chin implants last?

Do they need to be replaced like breast implants? Also, will the implant erode the chin bone after several years of wear? Thanks for any input!! READ MORE

Chin Implant Sizes?

Greetings. I was wondering why are chin implant are so small, the largest offering horizontal projection increase by only 10mm? How could such a tiny... READ MORE

Do Medpor Chin Implants Cause Skin Erosion Long Term?

I am considering a medpor chin implant Because it is rather permanent compared to the silicon ones However i read in an essay that chin implants cause... READ MORE

Bone Erosion(resorption) Associated with Chin Implants, Does this Happen Every Time?

Greetings. As I understand, the placement of chin implants is usually followed by some degree of erosion of the chin bone. Does it occur with all... READ MORE

Regret chin implant. Was told it was a small size; 6mm silicone. Now what are my options?

I wish I would have gotten a fat transfer/fillers to my chin. I had a very defined, strong natural chin, even though by ideal standards it was... READ MORE

I had my chin implant removed given it eroded my bone 4mm. Should I put a new one or better doing sliding genioplasty? (Photos)

At age 22 I put on a 10mm sylicon chin implant. I had a couple of dental Xrays and noticed my bone was gradually eroded. At age 28 I decided to remove... READ MORE

Avoiding bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery?

Several Drs. have commented on bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery as a possible after effect. A few doctors have said that... READ MORE

Why do silicone chin implants cause bone erosion?

I see one doctor say micromovements due to not being secured by a screw cause the erosion. Is that true? Mine is not screwed in - should I revisit my... READ MORE

Can erosion of the dental roots by a chin implant happen soon?

I've had a chin implant for 7 months now, and I've been having discomfort ever since. Could erosion have occurred already? How can I tell if it is? On... READ MORE

Facial implants to prevent bone erosion?

Can the erosion of the underlying bone from a chin/cheek implant be prevented entirely by using either an autograft bone implant from one's own body... READ MORE

Will placing a chin implant in a 45 degree angle cause more or less bone erosion?

I want more volume in the 45 degree of my chin. So it looks longer and I want it to be as pointy as possible. No width. Can the implant be placed like... READ MORE

A third chin implant and bone erosion.

Ive had two different chin implants in the past, but removed it completely 6 years ago. The incisions was made under my chin. I'm thinking about... READ MORE

Where can I get an x-ray of my medium silicon chin implant?

Can I request of x ray of my medium silicon chin implant at a regular hospital, and will they be able to tell if anything is wrong with it like... READ MORE

Possible to get bone necrosis from chin implant? Best to place implant over or under periosteum?

Is it possible to get osteonecrosis from a silicone chin implant? How would you notice if so? Is there any symptoms or will the bone crack or... READ MORE

Small submalar implants placed during jaw surgery. Go to a plastic surgeon or back to the jaw surgeon for a switch-out? (Photo)

10 days ago I underwent: 1. Old chin implant removal. 2. Three piece Lefort I (forward/widen). 3. BSSO (forward). 4. Replacement chin implant (too... READ MORE

Bone infection caused by chin implant? (photos)

Can a chin implant cause a bone infection that leads to erosion if dislodged or infected? Had mine since August 2014 not sure if anything is wrong but... READ MORE

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