Droopy + Chin Implant

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Swelling, Droopiness, And Asymmetry 2 Weeks Post-Chin Implant Removal. Will It Go Back To Normal? (photo)

I had the smallest size silastic winged chin implant placed through an incision in my mouth mid-august. When the surgeon removed the bandage my jaw... READ MORE

I plan to remove a "small flower mandibular glove" chin implant with .6cm projection. Is removal or replacement better? (photo)

The glove-chin implant very minimally improved my profile profile, while I no longer like my smile (chin looks too big). I want to take out the... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Procedure for Me? My Mouth Appears to Look Sad and the Corners Drag Down? (photo)

I am a 28 yo female with fairly good skin. I'm also unhappy with my jawline or should I say no jawline. I've been told fillers in the folds around my... READ MORE

Does massage help "wake up" muscles or nerves after chin implant and cervicoplasty?

I had a chin implant and cervicoplasty 4 weeks ago. At first my smile was hideous but now it's better, but not back to normal. My right side bottom... READ MORE

Chin implant is too low, and it isn't sticking out? (Photo)

Just got a chin implant 3-4 days ago. I think it's on wrong. The chin implant is too low, and it clearly droops down instead of "sticking out" and... READ MORE

One week chin implant post op, now I have droopy jowls? (Photo)

I'm 9 days post op from a chin implant (incision under chin). I have minimal swelling and pain, but I now have very droopy jowls that I did not have... READ MORE

Chin implant/Lipo 4 weeks post op. Too soon for final look? (Photo)

I never wore a chin strap or anything like that. I feel that there isn't much of a difference in the amount of fat removed.. is it still swollen?... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Jaw Implants? (photos)

Sorry for the similar post but I wanted feedback for the jaw/cheeks also.I have always wanted to have a more defined, chiseled, sensual facial... READ MORE

Do I need a small chin implant? Should I have a direct brow lift rather than coronallift due to high forehead? (Photos)

I am having a face and neck lift, also upper lower eyes. What are your recommendations for my droopy brows and do I have a recessed chin? READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? Also considering a direct brow lift due high forehead (Photos)

I am getting a face and neck lift also upper and possibly lower bleph. Do I have a recessed chin. Dr is recommended a small chin implant for balance.... READ MORE

Can a new chin implant be added to a 30 year old implant that was too small?

I had a chin implant 30 years ago when I had rhinoplasty. I am now 50. I'm considering adding a small implant that is now a little wider than they... READ MORE

Will Skin Be Droopy After Chin Implant Removal?

I had a chin implant with rhinoplasty in 2001. I feel dull constant pain around the chin area now. Last year I felt the area got swollen. I had a... READ MORE

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