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Doctor Recommendation for Chin Implant Revision Orange County / Los Angeles

I had a bad chin implant 10 years ago that I would like to have corrected. Before my chin looked nice from the front, but my side profile was slightly... READ MORE

Chin Implant For Pointy Chin?

I would like to have a central button chin implant just to add lenght, projection and specially no width to my chin, i am looking for a maximum of a... READ MORE

Should I Take out Chin Implant Sooner or Later?

I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant 7 weeks ago. The surgeon suggested it as a compliment to the nose and I trusted his opinion. I don't like it.... READ MORE

Would A Genioplasty Help Improve My Profile? (photo)

Hello! I Have been looking around alot and am wondering if a genioplasty would help improve my profile. I also had trouble finding specific info in... READ MORE

Are There Any Medpor (Removal) Specialists out There?

I had a medpor implant placed on the left side of my lower jaw in 2004 to correct some assymetry. I am unhappy with it and wanted to have it removed... READ MORE

Los Angeles Chin Implant Doctor Recommendations

My chin is very recessed, and I want to have chin implants. I have been working with Porex on the design of a custom Medpor chin implant based on... READ MORE

Looking For An Experienced Surgeon in Chin and Jaw Angle Implants in Los Angeles?

I had a chin implant about 15 years ago and quite satisfied with it. I am looking to enhance my jaw angle for a more masculine esthetic. The challenge... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Surgeon who Can Revise Chin Implant and Fix to Bone

After Doing a Lot of Research on Chin Implant Displacement Revision.... I have had a chin implant placed thru the mouth that migrated or placed too... READ MORE

I Had a Medpor Chin Implant Almost 3 Years Ago, Looking For Surgeon in SC To Remove?

Desire, to my PS, to have it removed. He doesn't appear very confident in removing it. I am desperate and full of regret. Is it possible, is there... READ MORE

Can Some One Please Recommend Best Doctor for Chin Implant in Mumbai/Bombay?

Can some one please recommend best doctor for chin implant in Mumbai/Bombay? READ MORE

I have a double chin. Would a chin implant, liposuction and muscle tightening help? How much would they cost? (Photo)

I am 21 years old.. My face is not aged but I'm not sure the proper medical term/ surgery I'm looking for. I want a more defined jaw line. My face... READ MORE

I am considering a chin implant and submental lipo. Does anyone know if Terino Square Chin Style 2 are commonly used? (photo)

I posted some photos. I would like to know if the Terino Square Chin Style 2 implant would be good for my face...My main concerns are balance between... READ MORE

I have 2 chin implants but it's still not right. What are risks for a 3rd?

I have had 2 implants and the doctor has both times placed them too high. My chin does not follow my jaw line and it looks awful. My chin cuts upward... READ MORE

Jaw Implant for a more masculine look (Photo)

I've had a hard time finding a surgeon that specializes in jaw implants. I've found chin augmentation, but I'm looking to make my whole jaw bigger and... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a chin implant? (photos)

I have always had a receding chin/ weak jawline and I just need some guidance on whether you guys on here think I'm a good candidate or not for this... READ MORE

Will a chin implant benefit me based on my photos? Which doctors can I trust in my area? (Photo)

I am seriously considering a chin implant but I'm unsure if I am a good candidate for the procedure. Based on the uploaded photos, is this something... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend Me a Great Cosmetic Surgeon in Chicago (Northwest Suburs)? (photo)

Lower cheeks next to my mouth are starting to sage and i am just 34, I already juvederm on cheeks and under my eyes at Ritacca and I'm very content... READ MORE

Can you recommend any excellent surgeons for custom-made jaw and chin implants? (Photo)

I have a clear idea on how I want my face shape to look like (photos provided). I think the face shape will suit me, and I think it can be achievable.... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in United Kingdom for Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant

I live in the UK and I am 18. I require minor rhinoplasty and a chin implant, I would like the price to be under £3000 (GBP) and be as close to... READ MORE

Need Recommendation for Good and Reputed Surgeon in Europe?

Hi. I am in the process of searching for a reputed and good cosmetic surgeon in Europe. The procedure i am interested in is chin implant. I would... READ MORE

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