Damage + Chin Implant

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I Got Hit in the Chin 3 Weeks After Chin Augmentation/Mentoplasty, Can It Ruin my Result?

My 5 month old baby pulled the cable with his leg, making the corner of the cell phone strike me in the chin. I am a little bit paranoid about this,... READ MORE

How common is it to go from a very narrow jaw to a fully defined and nicely shaped one?

Do implants that size hurt? Does it not damage the muscles if the jaw is stretched out that much? and do people not feel the implants at all? READ MORE

Permanent Muscle Damage and Crooked Smile After Chin Implant? (photo)

I got an intraoral chin implant 1 month and 1 week ago but the surgeon had to go back in a week later because the wing was very visible. It has now... READ MORE

Do chin implants harm the gums or teeth?

I had a chin implant placed 4 weeks ago and still have tightness around the chin area. I had tingling sensations around my teeth during the recovery... READ MORE

Chin implant (8yrs ago) hit with ball last night. Is the implant damaged or is this just Normal swelling after "trauma"? (photo)

I had a silicone chin implant 8 years ago. Last night it was hit with a tennis ball during a tennis game and now it is very swollen and square. I... READ MORE

About chin Implant displacement

I have one doubt .i had a chin implant surgery 3 years ago and have some problems with it.. .is there any causes whether i have to remove the implant... READ MORE

I have a chin implant with wings. I went running. Have I damaged it or is it just swelling? (Photo)

I went running on the 10th day post surgery. Everything's was looking and feeling good. Next day I woke up to terrible swelling in the chin and over... READ MORE

What happens if I bended over by mistake?

Hello I had a chin augmentation one week ago and today by mistake Ive bended over by mistake. I've heard its not good; what might happen if I did? And... READ MORE

Dimpling, shrunken and uneven Mersilene mesh chin implant years later? (Photo)

I had a mesh chin implant inserted 4 years ago. For the first few years, my chin was a lot fuller and looked great. Especially this past year, it has... READ MORE

Have I damaged my chin implant?

Hello I've had two surgeries breast augmentation and chin implant. Its been 6 weeks since I've had them done. Two days ago I got hit in the left... READ MORE

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