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Custom 3D Generated Chin Implants?

Hi, I have researched chin implants for the past 3 years and have not found too many doctors who use the 3d generated chin implants. I am not... READ MORE

Can custom facial implants achieve this look? Jaw (Photo)

I don't have a pic of me for reference but, just generally, can this look be achieved from custom jaw/facial implants? I have been reading what Dr... READ MORE

How much would a custom jaw and chin implant cost? (Photos)

I've always had a small jaw and chin compared to the rest of my face, especially my nose. instead of a rhinoplasty to balance the nose, I'm... READ MORE

Will custom jaw and chin Implants help achieve the facial shape I want? Or is there more work required.. or another way? (Photo)

I have a clear idea on what I want my face shape to look like (photo provided). I believe it will suit me well. Now the question is: What will I need... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant /Chin implant materials (custom-made)

1.Is PEEK implant likely to get infected? The pros and cons of PEEK? 2. What kind of silicone implant is best to avoid infection?( what company,what... READ MORE

Custom Chin & Jaw Angle implants?

Hello how you doing. My question is, I would like to get custom chin & jaw implants however Im wondering if CareCredit would cover the financial... READ MORE

I want sharp face properties, are custom jawline implants possible? (photo)

What i need for my wish come true? Custom jawline implants? I have not teeth and bite problems. i just want sharp face properties. READ MORE

Jaw implant maximum projections?

What is the maximum projections that custom jaw implant can give? eg. is it theoretically possible to add 3+cm to each jaw angle? Reason I am asking... READ MORE

Why is it the US seem to have genius surgeons (a lot of experience)? US offers all sorts of treatments compared to UK?

1Howcome US seem to have genius/experienced surgeons?US offers all kinds of treatments,ie.custom made jaw implants.2Howcome UK only has handful of... READ MORE

Malpositioned chin implant, even after revision surgery. What should I do now? (Photo)

I had a L Implantech Terino extended anatomical (12/16/14) replaced with an XL Implantech anatomic chin (4/13/16) because the left wing was in my... READ MORE

What can be achieved with a custom chin implant?

I've talked several doctors and had a few consults. The general opinion on me seems to be either a sliding genioplasty or a custom chin implant. But I... READ MORE

Jaw Implants for a weak jaw. How do they work? Is it always custom made?

I'm wondering why everyone on this site is always mentioning chin implants but not jaw implants as a solution to a weak jawline. Can someone explain... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons who perform custom wrap-around jawline implants in the Southeastern United States?

I am looking to have a custom wrap around jawline implant but cant find any doctors who perform this surgery in my area. READ MORE

Custom Chin Implant vs Stock?

How much more expensive is a custom implant? I've seen people saying it's like 20k. Does a custom implant really add 15k to the average chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant VS. Jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have a very weak profile and am not sure if a chin implant or custom chin and jaw angle implant would do the trick i feel i need more vertical... READ MORE

Mittelman Pre Jowl Implant - customized?

Custom Mittelman PreJowl implant, with one side larger then the other? Based on Implanttech's website the largest Mittelman PreJowl Implant adds .6... READ MORE

How much and which ways is it possible to customize jaw/mandible implant shape and projection into my vision? (photo)

From profile view I am lacking the continues defined line towards the ear and the jawbone's corner is "sunken inwards" lacking the defined masculine... READ MORE

Is it possible to create a highly angular look with implants in the male face? (photo)

Can jaw/chin/cheek implants be used to take a face that looks like the one on the far right and change it to the one on the far left? Are custom... READ MORE

Is it possible to get custom-designed jaw implants?

So I had Large jaw implants inserted with 11mm projection, but on me...they look like a small. But this is the largest size available. I don't want to... READ MORE

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