Ct Scan + Chin Implant

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Silastic Chin Implant - CT Scan Report

I recently underwent a CT scan due to some pain and numbness associated with a silastic chin implant. An explanation of these findings would be... READ MORE

Can a CT scan or MRI to detect if there's any implant pieces left behind after medpor chin implant removal?

I got my 'extended medpor chin implant removed 8 months ago.At first i had so many irregularities and now 8 months later it already improved to a... READ MORE

Mittelman Pre Jowl Implant - customized?

Custom Mittelman PreJowl implant, with one side larger then the other? Based on Implanttech's website the largest Mittelman PreJowl Implant adds .6... READ MORE

Why has my silicone chin implant shifted twice from the same side while the other has remained perfectly in position? (photo)

I have had a silicon chin implant placed on January. By febuary i noticed that the left side of the chin implant had shifted off the jawline. It was... READ MORE

Are doctors supposed to ask/require that patients do CT scans prior to jaw reduction or jaw augmentation surgeries?

I've emailed doctors regarding jaw surgery. A couple doctors asked me to do a CT scan as part of the consultation/planning? However, a couple doctors... READ MORE

Custom-made chin implant vs sliding genioplasty?

Can a custom-made chin implant designed from a patients CT scan provide vertical height similar to a sliding genioplasty? READ MORE

Chin implant position on CT scan? (Photo)

Hi again doctors.. This is a 3D image of my silicone chin implant that I had placed submentally 2 months ago. I don't like it and it doesn't provide... READ MORE

7 months post op chin implant and neck lipo. What can I do? (Photo)

Has anybody seen this after chin implant? Feels like scar tissue because its hard inside and edema because I feel fluid building up. Chin looks thick... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a CT scan now? 1 month post-op.

Hello again doctors.. I'm planning to get a 3d CT scan for my chin implant that I had placed over a month ago so I can see it's position exactly and... READ MORE

What type of CT scan used to see a 3D imaging of the mandible and chin implant?

What is the type of CT scan (cone beam, with/without contrast) that can show how the chin implant positioned with the bone? Is it the same as CT scan... READ MORE

Which Exam Shall I Do in Order to Know What is Wrong with my Chin Implant?

I had a revision chin implant and I now have two pockets. One should be contracting and disappearing according to my doctor. The other pocket is where... READ MORE

Chin implant help - I underwent chin implant by intraoral method 6 weeks ago.

I still feel numb at my chin and lower bottom lip. It is better compared to the first two weeks but ever since then, it hasn't improved. It feels... READ MORE

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