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How Can I Fix my Crooked Face?

I fell by by chin when i was a kid, i didnt care at that time but now i feel side of my face is bigger than the another. and when i take... READ MORE

Crooked Smile Normal After Chin Augmentation?

Hi. I had a chin augmentation one week ago. Four days after my surgery, I noticed that my smile is crooked - the left side of my lip doesn't move down... READ MORE

1 Week Post-op - Crooked Chin Implant?

I had my chin implant a week ago and I'm very worried. I know I might still be swollen and it is too early to tell but I know my swelling is... READ MORE

How Do my Results Look So Far with my Chin Augmentation? (photo)

6 days post op. My chin is crooked when it wasn't before. My chin looks very different, I asked that my front chin shape not to change, but more... READ MORE

My Left Side Seems Lower Than My Right Side 6 Days Post-op - Crooked Chin Implant? (photo)

Hello, I am 6 days post op from chin implant and lipo. I am worried that the implant I'd crooked because my left side seems lower than the right.... READ MORE

Chin Implant but my Face is Crooked... It Looks Worse! Help Please! (photo)

At 20 years old in March 2011, I had a nose job and chin implant. I love my nose but my implant looks terrible! My face is lopsided. I get asked if my... READ MORE

Regretting my Crooked Chin Implant?

Under family pressure, I got a chin implant 3 months ago. I have a small chin but it didnt bother me much. Now I got the implant and it is crooked.... READ MORE

Chin is Crooked After 2 Weeks, Is This The Final Result? (photo)

Chin is Crooked After 2 Weeks, Is This The Final Result? (photo) READ MORE

Lower lip uneven, very crooked smile after chin implant. Is this my final result or will massage help? (Photo)

I had a chin implant done 1 month and 2 weeks ago (the cut was made under the chin) My lower lip is a bit numb one one side, same side is sagging and... READ MORE

Having Trouble After Chin Augmentation

I am 3 months post of inter oral chin implant. It was a implant tech implant and 6mm in size. I now have crooked lips, longer space between the nose... READ MORE

Chin Implant 7 Weeks Post Op - Crooked Smile/tightness/slight Numbness?

I had a chin implant 7 weeks ago. While things are getting better I still have tightness on my right side, and a slightly crooked smile. It seems to... READ MORE

Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip? (photo)

I am 2 weeks out from getting a chin implant and half of my lower lip and chin is fine but the other half is and has been tingly/numb & feels... READ MORE

How Do my Results Look So Far with my Chin Augmentation?

6 days post op. Noticed my chin is crooked when it wasn't to start with before. My chin looks very different, and I asked that my front chin shape not... READ MORE

Is my chin implant crooked or it is inflammation? (photos)

I got my chin implant a month ago and since the second day I notice one side bigger than the other but my doctor assure me it would go away. But I... READ MORE

Dr. Will Not Acknowledge Crooked Chin Implant, What Can I Do?

My chin implant is placed asymmetric. My docter says it isnt. So i went to the hospital to get a röntgen/ ct scan picture. It didnt show the... READ MORE

Crookedness After Custom Jaw Implant What to Do ?

Dear specialists, 1.5 months ago i had a custom jaw/chin implant, this is made by a ct scan and then been custom fit to my chinbone in my face. After... READ MORE

What to do to fix my long face syndrome? (Photo)

I have a weak chin, incompetent lips, protruded lip. I have to strain my lips together to keep them closed. Feel like my nose may have been a... READ MORE

Should I remove my crooked chin implant? (Photo)

I had a small chin implant done when I was 28. It was crooked and I had the dr fix it 2ce and it never looked ok. When I was 31I went to another dr... READ MORE

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