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How Much Does a Chin Implant Cost?

Considering getting a chin implant.  wondering how much i should anticipate spending for the procedure. READ MORE

Chin Implants with Jaw Angle Implants?

If I am getting Chin Augmentation, and I also want to incorporate jaw angle implants with that. How much will the cost of surgery go up? Is it as... READ MORE

Can my Jawline Look More Defined Like This? (photo)

I have a very hidden jawline, along with virtually no chin. Is there a possible way for my jaw to look more like the celebrity pictured? I'm not... READ MORE

Artefill for Chin Vs Traditional Chin Implant?

I am debating between using artefill for a chin augmentation or just going for a chin implant, economically speaking which one would cost more? I am... READ MORE

Jaw Implant For Round Face?

I have a very round, "moon" face with little definition and bone structure. I was wondering if jaw implants would help give more definition... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Chin Implant with an Overbite?

Hi, I have a slight overbite. Would i still be able to get a chin implant and what would be the average cost? thanks READ MORE

Surgery/Cost for Unbalanced/tilted Face & No Chin? (photo)

1. I have an unbalanced face. Seems to be tilted to one side (left side of nose, lips) 2. The area under my lower lips is protruded, as well as... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lengthen the Chin and Widening It with Chin Implant? (photo)

I am wondering if I could avoid Genioplasty and just get it done with a chin implant. How far can I go with a chin implant? I am looking for a... READ MORE

How much would a custom jaw and chin implant cost? (Photos)

I've always had a small jaw and chin compared to the rest of my face, especially my nose. instead of a rhinoplasty to balance the nose, I'm... READ MORE

Should I Have a Chin Implant Done or a Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am 21 years old and I live in the Philadelphia area. I have been struggling with my profile for awhile. My sister had a rhinoplasty done and her... READ MORE

Best Solution to Achieve This Chin Shape? (photo)

In the results picture, I have just moved my lower jaw forward and lower. But this does create an under bite. I have the following questions: 1. Is... READ MORE

Mandible Implants And/or Buccal Fat Pad Removal? (photo)

I would like a more masculine face. I was wondering if I should get a mandible implant to make my jaw a little more square instead of how steep i... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for a Redo?

Although it's too soon to tell, as it has only been a week since my surgery, but I think my chin implant has shifted. Should I have to pay for a... READ MORE

Chin Implant from Thailand?

Hi. I have two questions about chin implants. I feel really miserable about my weak chin, so maybe someone can give me some insight. Firstly, does... READ MORE

Would I Be an Ideal Candidate for a Chin Implant and Cheek Implant? (photo)

I am looking to make my face more symmetrical. I understand a chin implant is generally less expensive than a jaw implant, and I once had a decent... READ MORE

Does my face look like one of a mouth breather's? (Photo)

Hi I just informed myself on the effects of mouth breathing during childhood. I realized I sometimes mouth breathed subconsciously and I never... READ MORE

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