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Can a Chin Implant Correct an Underbite?

Title says it all. Thanks in advance! READ MORE

I Had a 6mm Chin Implant About 6-7 Weeks Ago, and Tail On the Right Has Gone Under the Jawline?

Needed correcting as the tail on the right had gone under the jawline. This was done but there is still a lump there, I am not sure if this is scar... READ MORE

How quickly should a screwed in, crooked implant, be corrected or removed? (photos)

Dear Doctors. If I have a large crooked implant with the arm of the implant pushing out my cheek and pulling down one side of my lower lip (and it is... READ MORE

After a Chin implant, will my smile go back to normal? & Can length be corrected later? It's too long for my face. (photo)

I love having a chin now, but my smile is no longer pointed/feminine. Is this still from swelling? I'm 3 weeks post op. I got a medium implant sewn in... READ MORE

Has my chin implant been placed properly? Can it be corrected or will it just make things worse? (photos)

I had a chin implant with lipo done about 5 years ago and I have always been very unhappy with both. The implant looks asymmetrical and placed... READ MORE

Can cleft chin asymmetry be corrected?

Today I noticed that my chin (which has a slight cleft in it, of the "butt chin" variety) is more pronounced on one side than the other. This makes my... READ MORE

Will a chin implant correct my chin dimple? (photos)

I plan on getting a chin implant or the in the near future. I would like to know if the implant will fix the dimple or if the dimple needs a different... READ MORE

Would a pre-jowl implant be recommended? Also, any feedback on correcting badly placed Juvederm 2 years ago? (Photo)

I'm considering a pre jowl implant or a lower facelift. I saw a plastic surgeon who did'nt recommend a facelift but suggested I consult an oral... READ MORE

Do I need a chin augmentation? (Photo)

I feel like I need a longer chin, but is there any other things I need to correct my chin? READ MORE

After a medpor chin implant removal, can a sagging chin and inverted lip be corrected? (Photo)

I had a chin implant placed intraorally in September 2015. It was removed 6 weeks later due to infection. I now have a problem closing my mouth... READ MORE

Is chin implant crooked? 1 month post-op (Photos)

I got a chin implant approximately one month ago but it looks to be slightly crooked. I will be visiting my doctor again at the end of the month but... READ MORE

What kind of procedure do I need to get this fixed? Jaw implant or chin implant? (photos)

I took these pictures with my webcam so the quality is a bit LQ, and I've also concealed my identity by adding some squares. JSYK. I had braces for... READ MORE

What is the best way to correct my (very) receded chin? (photos)

I have an extremely receded chin that really sinks back into my face. It looks odd from the side and is starting to bother me more and more. I've... READ MORE

I was wondering what procedure(s) would need to be done to correct and strengthen my jaw line? (Photo)

I feel as though my neck forms into my chin, there's no definition to my jaw structure. Would a jawline implant help? As well as a chin implant to... READ MORE

Jowls; would a chin implant/lipo help correct this?

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty and placement of a chin implant with lipo in November. I have the beginnings of jowls - especially on one side of... READ MORE

Soft tissue correction after chin implant removal, What are my options? (Photo)

I had a chin implant removed after 9 months of placement. It's been 19 months now but my chin has not returned to its presurgical shape and length.... READ MORE

Which surgical procedures are necessary to correct my eyelids and chin? (photos)

My chin is too long and I feel there is too much fat in the front pad of the chin. I have a weak jaw and seek implants. I would then like... READ MORE

Injectable filler to correct asymmetric Chin Implant?

Hi, the chin implant is asymetrical (more prominent on one side). Either due to poor placement or the way it settled/healed. It has been over three... READ MORE

After removal of a medpor chin implant, can a sagging chin and inverted lip be corrected? (Photos)

I had a chin implant placed intraorally in September 2015. It was removed 6 weeks later due to infection. I now have a problem closing my mouth... READ MORE

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