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Jaw Implant, Chin Implant or Both... Along with Rhinoplasty?

I am an 18 year old male with a very weak jawline +large hump on my nose. I have always wanted to get rhinoplasty done since i was 15 and now i... READ MORE

Chin and Jaw Implant - Can They Be Done Together?

Im planing on getting a chin implant, but i think i also need a jaw implant to achieve my goal, but my question is, do i need to have two different... READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant And/or Rhinoplasty Improve my Profile?

Hi, I'm a 20 year old male. I've identified the areas that I believe could benefit from surgery. -Tip of nose too large. -Nostrils appear too... READ MORE

Neck Liposuction with Chin Implant - Waiting Time

I am 37 yo male. - My plastic surgeon said that I need chin implant with the liposuction. Do you think I can benefit from liposuction? He won't do... READ MORE

Chin Implant After Radiesse?

I got a Radiesse chin augmentation in August. While my chin does look better, I still have grooves where my lower cheek fat meets my chin area. In... READ MORE

Could I Benefit from Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation?

I'm a 20 year old male of Asian origin extremely insecure about the way I look. Nostrils appear uneven and kind of bulbous and the chin seems to... READ MORE

Chin / Jaw Implant, Do I Look Like a Candidate? (photo)

I am certain I want a rhinoplasty. However, I am also wondering about chin and jaw implants. I really don't like the way my chin looks from the... READ MORE

Braces After Chin Implant

I've asked my cosmetic surgeon who does not specialize in the dept of dentistry about the possibility of going for orthodontic after Mentoplasty.... READ MORE

Is Jaw Botox Before or After Chin Implant Required?

Is Jaw Botox required before or after Chin Implantation? I've heard from a friend in the aesthetic industry that anybody undergoing chin implant... READ MORE

Restylane and Chin Implant

I had restalyne injection to chin and cheek areas and the result were not satisfying! it been one 2 monthes after and now i want to have a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Then Jaw Surgery After?

As for the moment, I cannot yet afford jaw surgery since it is too expensive but I cannot take looking at my receding chin so I am planning to get a... READ MORE

Can I Have a Chin Implant After Getting Fat Injections?

I had chin fat injections and now want a chin implant. Must the fat be removed first? READ MORE

Tingling Cheek 3 Years Post- Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant

Hi, I had rhinoplasty and Chin Implant done 3 years ago. Everything has been good so far. But since 1 week I m noticing slight tingling sensation in... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can You Get Chin and Jaw Implant Surgery?

I was wondering how soon after a rhinoplasty surgery, turbinate reduction, and septoplasty surgery can one have jaw implants and chin implant surgery.... READ MORE

Can I Add Chin Implant on Top of my Sliding Genioplasty?

Can a chin implant be added after having a sliding genioplasty? If so, will additional screws be needed to secure the implant besides the screws in... READ MORE

Chin implant with wisdom teeth extraction.

I am considering getting a chin implant when i get my wisdom teeth extracted. Is this common? Are there any risks I should be aware of? The surgeon I... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Buccal Lipo

I'm interested in getting a chin implant and buccal lipo. Are these the right procedures for me? READ MORE

After 3 months my facelift and chin implant still has some pain and tightness

Pain and tightness in front of my ears and up on my bottom lip on the right side. It seems to get better and then comes back. It is better though then... READ MORE

Under Chin Lipo and Implant with Jaw Surgery?

Is it possible to combine Upper/lower jaw surgery for underbite with lipo under the chin and wrap around implant? I have access to an oral surgeon and... READ MORE

Would the combination of a nose job to decrease the size of my nose and a chin implant help to achieve a better profile? (photo)

I have always been upset with the appearance of the side profile of my face. I have recently discovered what chin implants were and I am wondering if... READ MORE

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