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Fat Removal Around Jaw Line for Chubby Face?

I have an incredibly round and chubby face. I've had buccal fat taken out and I've had cheek implants. I still feel that whenever I smile my... READ MORE

I Regret Laser Cheek Liposuction and Chin Implant - Can It Be Reversed?

I had both procedures done 3 months ago and now I regret it very very very very very much, it had destroyed my confidence and ruined my life. There... READ MORE

Procedures for Weak Jawline Combined W/ Chubby Lower Cheeks and Neck? (photo)

I have a weak jawline and chubby lower cheeks and neck. Would a chin implant solve all of these or would i also need lipo under my chin and buccal fat... READ MORE

I want jaw definition. My profile is ugly. Do I need a chin implant? (Photo)

Do I need multiple surgeries to achieve who's pic looks. I feel my lip is to low from my nose, i think I need a lip lift ,also when I smile my chin... READ MORE

Facial Paralysis After Cheek, Jaw and Chin Implants

Recently I have cheek, jaw, and chin implants, as soon as i get out of the procedure, my left size was paralyzed, it is been 20 days already and I... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Nose, Chin, and Saggy Cheeks?

I've been insecure about my nose since I was a child. I don't know if it's too big for my face or if I just need to fix the bridge because... READ MORE

Should I consider getting a chin implant/jaw implant/cheek injections with fillers? (photos)

So I know for a fact that I'm going to get a nose job this summer (to fix the bump and make the nose more centered/straight) but the doctor I went to... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant and lipo to my cheeks to make my face more defined? I have chubby lower cheeks and a weak chin. (Photo)

I am almost 21 and I feel I have very chubby lower cheeks and a bit of a weak chin? I want a more defined face ( higher cheek bones and less fat to my... READ MORE

Surgery for sunken cheek bones and cleft chin?

I was curious as to what the surgery is called for sunken cheeks kind of like Johnny Depp or Henry Cavill? I would really like that masculine... READ MORE

What should I do to get a more defined face ? (Photo)

Im 20 years old , 5'8, 145 pounds and would like to get a more defined lower portion of the face . Im not sure if its just baby fat or jowls so I... READ MORE

Solutions for Chubby Lower Cheeks and Small Chin? (photo)

I am wishing to seek advice regarding the slight chubbiness of my lower cheeks and modest under projection of my chin. I would like to have a more... READ MORE

Long Standing Pain Around Facial Implants?

In 2001 I had a chin and cheek implants. Since the middle of October 2012 I have been experiencing tightness and pain around all three implants. I saw... READ MORE

Is Weight Gain in the Face the Same As Cheek Implants?

Or are they different. also, if I get a chin implant, is there a way to avoid that hallow space between the chin and lip. And my surgeon said there's... READ MORE

Long face and weak chin with weak cheeks, what can be done? (Photos)

I have a long face. My forehead isn't very big, but the lower part of my face is much longer. I do not have a very nice profile and on days that I am... READ MORE

Would you recommend chin/cheek implants or chin/cheek fillers? (photos)

I know they have had either one done to resemble kim k's features, So in your opinion, which would achieve this look and if it is a filler, what kind? READ MORE

Is a chin implant, jaw implant, cheek fat removal right for me? (Photo)

My face is quite rounded and my cheeks are full, and I'm hoping to achieve a more chiseled, angular, masculine look. A more squared, strong jaw. I was... READ MORE

Will a chin implant and lipo to cheeks benefit me? What do you think? Want a more defined face. (Photo)

I have asked this question before but the photos weren't that good. I am almost 21 and i HATE my lower cheeks and I feel I have a weak chin. Will a... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Buccal Fat Removal, or Jowl Liposuction? (photos)

I'm having trouble finding out exactly what is bothering me on the lower half of my face. I would like a procedure that I think will make the most... READ MORE

Is my chin too small? (Photo)

I feel like my chin should stick out more and would like to know if I have a weak chin? I'm afraid that making any adjustments will make my cheeks... READ MORE

How much can you change a face?

I have a long and thin face that most resembles a diamond face except maybe slightly thinner at the upper cheek area than in the photo. I want a more... READ MORE

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