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Can Chin Implant Changes Face Length? (photo)

My lower face length is very short. a doctor recommended to cut chin bone move forward and screw it. he also said silastic implant can’t change f... READ MORE

Face Too Delicate and Thin for Small Round Silicone Chin Implant?

Hello! I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant 16 days ago. While my upper lip is going back to it's normal form, the lower lip is still really thin.... READ MORE

How Does Jaw Augmentation Change You're Appearance? (photo)

Does your smile change ? Will you develop dimples ? Would I need rhinoplasty after ? READ MORE

Chin implant to change face shape? (photos)

I dont know what my face shape is and i would want to have a more defined and feminine face. I am thinking about getting a chin implant but i'm scared... READ MORE

Can extra large chin implant with wings change my face? (photos)

I have no jawline and a small chin. im getting an extra large chin implant with wings. will it give me the look i want?? (like channing tatum) READ MORE

Can I change to smaller chin implant?

I had a facelift and a week before the surgery, my doctor recommended I also have a chin implant. I agreed but we didn't have a clear agreement on the... READ MORE

How much can you change a face?

I have a long and thin face that most resembles a diamond face except maybe slightly thinner at the upper cheek area than in the photo. I want a more... READ MORE

Small or medium chin implant work for subtle unnoticeable change? (Photo)

Would a medium or small would be best for subtle change? Not looking for a overly strong chin just something to help balance face and maybe a little... READ MORE

Chin implant too big? (Photos)

I got a chin implant 9 days ago and I didn't know my doctor put a medium chin and to me looks too big for my face it ever rolls up making my... READ MORE

Can a Chin implant give this much change to the Chin or is jaw surgery my only answer? (photo)

And Incase your wondering about how my bite is: I have been wearing braces for 6 months. READ MORE

Very old chin implant and changes to my profile that I don't like. Any suggestions?

I am in my 60's, but I had a chin implant when I was 16 years old. In the last 4-5 years I have been going on consults for aging facial issues. and... READ MORE

Will a chin implant change my frontal view? (photos)

I have a recessed chin from my profile view, but it looks normal from the front. Will the chin implant change this? Can a chin implant be installed... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or jaw/chin shaving?

I already have jaw Botox frequently to slim my square jaw down but I still have quite a square jaw. Id like a oval face shape. What would you... READ MORE

Would the front of my face look really different after a silicone chin implant?

I'm worried about a few things, but my main concern, is that my frontal appearance might change drastically. I have been wanting to do this for years,... READ MORE

How to change my face shape? (photos)

I'd like to know a professional's opinion on my face shape. How can I change it? my mid face is large and my lower and upper face is small. and i got... READ MORE

Will a chin implant change my smile? (photos)

One of my favorite personal features is my smile. Will putting a chin implant in change my smile? I've seen some patients' before and afters and in a... READ MORE

I look tired and older, than I am: what could I change to look rested and beautiful? (photo)

I dont know if cheek, chin implants or something else would help. Thank you!!! READ MORE

Chin implant placed 4 days ago and my smile is looking totally different to what it did before. Will my smile go back to normal?

Hi Will this go back to normal with time? I feel like I could stretch my mouth wider and my bottom teeth would show when I smiled before now they done? READ MORE

6 months after chin implant, my lips changed! (Photo)

Hi, I had a rinoplasty and intraoral chin implant. My lower lips are exposing lower theeth whenever resting. The upper lips doesn't show the theeth at... READ MORE

Do jaw implants change an oval face to a square shape? (photo)

I had jaw implants done several weeks ago, and while the changes look good from profile my front got wider and fatter, but no angle to it from front!... READ MORE

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