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What is the reason behind someone having a weak chin?

I have a weak chin and I have been thinking about it a lot, I am not good with things in general as normal guys are but I am artistic. Is it the same... READ MORE

After Chin Implant, Is This Chronic Infection - or Skin Infection?

About 6 months ago I had a medpor chin implant procedure performed via oral incision. The first 2 weeks were fine however it soon became infected with... READ MORE

What Would Cause A Chin Implant To Create A Jowling Effect? Why A Bump 3 Weeks Post Op?

Two questions: Under what circumstances will a chin implant create a jowling effect in a patient? I had a chin implant inserted three weeks ago and... READ MORE

Suddenly Have Lower Right Lip and Chin Numbness After Chin Implant. Why?

After I had my chin implant surgery, everything so going ok, but I still had a little swelling. It is 9 days post-op and I suddenly began to feel an... READ MORE

I Have a Lump on my Chin After a Chin Implant? It Has Been One Month Since Surgery.

It is very firm and round and quite large, right in the centre of my chin. I'm very worried about it. Is it an infection? Is it swelling? Do I... READ MORE

Why Has my Chin Implant Made my Lower Lip Smaller?

Hi there, I had a chin implant a year ago but I still feel some discomfort inside my mouth. I also noticed that my lower lip became even smaller (more... READ MORE

Itching Sensation 2 Years After Chin Implant, is It a Sign of Infection?

I had a medpor chin implant surgery 2 years ago, with 2 screws in place to fix the implant. Since one month I began noticing itching sensation deep... READ MORE

I Had Mersilene Mesh Chin Implant, and Feel a Small Bump Beside It... What Could It Be?

I had a mesh chin implant 31 days ago, and it was ok so far, but since I'm not as swollen as I was before, I can star seeing some things I'm a... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Chin Surgery and Have Asymmetry? (photo)

Ive already posted questions but I dont think this is a time and healing issue. The implant seems str8 but it feels like there's more flesh on the... READ MORE

What can be done about Mentalis Dysfunction: Chin Dent after a chin implant? What went wrong that caused this deformity?

I am 4 weeks post a chin implant and full face lift. Two weeks ago a chin dent popped up on the right side of my face. I have read that Botox could... READ MORE

Pain on One Side of the Chin After 3 Months of the Surgery?

I had my medpor chin implant surgery on 3rd March 2012. In addition to screws surgeon made put one stitch on the right side which was lokin abnormal... READ MORE

Lump after chin implant replacement. Is it scar tissue? Old capsule? Seroma?

I had a medpor implants with wings and replaced it with a Sillicone implant without wings 3 months ago. At first,two sides of jawline where the wings... READ MORE

What is causing chin implant wings to move up from jaw line?

I am 2 months post-op and chin implant still tender to touch at wings. Right wing has moved up from jawline. Left wing is at jawline but has a little... READ MORE

Chin implant removal cause sagging? (Photo)

I had medium flowers mandibular glove Dec 15 along with sub mental fat removal. Incision under chin. I can't smile and made my face too round. I was... READ MORE

I'm 51 and had a Chin Implant when I was 18/19 years old. Is my double chin caused by weight gain, age or the implant? (photo)

I am 51 year old male, approx 20 to 25 lbs overweight. I am not sure if the double chin is due to my age, my weight, the implant, all three, etc. What... READ MORE

Giving the appearance of a longer ramus. (photo)

Are custom jaw implants the only way? What about fillers, fat grafting, or possibly hypertrophying the masseter? Also, what is the cause of an... READ MORE

Can chin or jaw angle implants cause cancer or anything else?

Breasts implants have been reported to be linked to cancer.,or causing cancer.1. How about chin implants, can they cause cancer or anything else?2.... READ MORE

Had Chin Implant 10 Years Ago, Just Now Have A Burning/Tingling Sensation?

I had a chin implant placed 10 yrs ago which was slightly assymetrical. Over 1and1/2 yrs ago I had some Sculptra placed around my chin to make it look... READ MORE

Dimpling, shrunken and uneven Mersilene mesh chin implant years later? (Photo)

I had a mesh chin implant inserted 4 years ago. For the first few years, my chin was a lot fuller and looked great. Especially this past year, it has... READ MORE

3 months after chin implant with tenderness and 2 random swellings. What could it be?

Its been 3 months since I had my chin implant and I am still experiencing tenderness and have had 2 swelling situations. A month in a half after my... READ MORE

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