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Bone Resorption After Chin Implants

Hi,does bone resorption happen for sure after an implant ? How will this take ? Any way I can stop this from happening ? READ MORE

Are silastic implants better than porex (Medpor) implants?

Hi, I would like to know if silastic implants are better than porex (Medpor) implants. What about bone erosion ? Will I have to change my implant in... READ MORE

Chin Implant Removal - What to Expect

I had neck lipo w/ large silicon chin implant 2 weeks ago. I have numbness, but no swelling. I hate the implant aesthetics and feel and really just... READ MORE

Bone resorption with Chin Implants, Medpor vs Silastic?

As a young patient I am concerned by the long term consequences that might surface with a chin implant 40-60 years in the future. Among the issues I... READ MORE

Chin Implant? Chin Bone or Jaw Bone Advancement?

I was under the impression that the only options to correct a weak chin were chin implants or jaw bone surgery, however, after doing research there... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Surgeon who Can Revise Chin Implant and Fix to Bone

After Doing a Lot of Research on Chin Implant Displacement Revision.... I have had a chin implant placed thru the mouth that migrated or placed too... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Avoid the Resorption Produced by the Chin Silicone Implant?

I'm worried with the fack that silicone implants can produce bone resorption in chin augmentation procedure, how can this drawback be avoided? or... READ MORE

Why not use human bones for jaw or chin implants/augmentation?

Jaw and chin implants are generally done w/ silicone,medpor,etc.,all foreign bodies. Then chin genioplasty requires CUTTIN G the chin bone to increase... READ MORE

Can chin implant infections go undetected?

I had a silicone chin implant placed several years ago. I'm wondering if there is an infection, is it possible for it to go undetected? Are there any... READ MORE

I had my chin implant removed given it eroded my bone 4mm. Should I put a new one or better doing sliding genioplasty? (Photos)

At age 22 I put on a 10mm sylicon chin implant. I had a couple of dental Xrays and noticed my bone was gradually eroded. At age 28 I decided to remove... READ MORE

Chin Implant: face too long

Hello, I'm unhappy with my chin, because it's very very long. I'm 11 days after the surgery and I can see still a swelling on the sides of my face,... READ MORE

Why do silicone chin implants cause bone erosion?

I see one doctor say micromovements due to not being secured by a screw cause the erosion. Is that true? Mine is not screwed in - should I revisit my... READ MORE

Avoiding bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery?

Several Drs. have commented on bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery as a possible after effect. A few doctors have said that... READ MORE

I would like to know what I would need to do to have my side profile changed to look more attractive/appealing (Photo)

I have always disliked my protruding brow bone since I was younger and I would like to have my forehead to be flatter and not caveman like. Also my... READ MORE

Do chin implants cause bone resorption if they are not fixed in place? Cost? Can it be performed at the same time as otoplasty?

I like the look of my face from the front but my profile is unattractive due to my weak chin. I have been researching chin implants for awhile and... READ MORE

Facial implants to prevent bone erosion?

Can the erosion of the underlying bone from a chin/cheek implant be prevented entirely by using either an autograft bone implant from one's own body... READ MORE

Hi, I have been told bone is growing over part of my chin implant. Any information on previous cases or what can be done for me?

I had chin implant 6 years ago. The last few months a lump (bone hard, around 10mm diameter and protruding about 5mm) has developed roughly around the... READ MORE

CT-BONE Facial Implants made from calcium phosphate (available soon) to be used in the US/UK?

CT - BONE facial implants made from calcium phosphate by Xilloc will be avaialble soon. Will doctors in the US/UK be able to use this bone facial... READ MORE

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