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I Am Thinking of Having a Chin Implant and Wondered What Type of Material is Best to Use

I am thinking of having a chin implant and wondered what type of material is best and why. Do most chin implants get inserted through the mouth or... READ MORE

Chin implant or liposuction. (photos)

My jawline and chin has always been a source of my insecurities and I'm looking to remedy the situation. I am 5'8 and 135 pounds so I'm sure my face... READ MORE

Best options, weak chin with submental fat? (Photos)

I'm 29, 5'6, with a BMI of 22.6. Even at my thinnest, I've always had a fat pocket under my chin, made worse by my recessed chin. It's always bothered... READ MORE

What will be the best treatment for a more sculptured jawline? (photo)

Hi I'm a female who feels my lower half of my face is not 'technically beautiful'. I have just had rhinoplasty and now I'm researching whether to have... READ MORE

I need help deciding on the appropriate surgical procedure to enhance my weak chin and jawline. (Photos)

Caucasian male, late twenties, that has always been bothered by a weak, recessed chin stemming from a small lower jaw (mild micrognathia?). This... READ MORE

Best option for improving my profile? (photo)

I went for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon regarding a chin implant and he recommended seeing a maxillofacial surgeon for a sliding... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or jaw/chin shaving?

I already have jaw Botox frequently to slim my square jaw down but I still have quite a square jaw. Id like a oval face shape. What would you... READ MORE

Best course of action to fix lower jaw? (Photos)

My lower jaw is a bit receded, and i'm looking for advice on what procedure I should get to make my lower face look similar to how it looks when I... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Genioplasty - My chin is short. I want a longer and pointier chin. (photo)

Will chin implant be better than genioplasty? What are the disadvantages of a chin implant? Will it wear off my chin in later years? What techniques... READ MORE

Is a sliding genioplasty with submental lipo the best option for the results I want? (Photos)

I don't like my profile. I can't put my finger on what the issue is or what could be done to fix it.. but I want a more defined jawline and a prettier... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Medium chin implant too wide and long for my small face. What should I do? (photos)

Implantech medium silicone anatomical chin implant placed 8-5-2015. Dr says I can get medium removed and put in a small one. I don't want to lose side... READ MORE

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