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How Much Does a Jaw Implant/Chin Implant Cost? and What Are the Safest Type to Use? (photo)

I'm also curious if there is an implant for both Jaw & Chin? I would like to have a square jaw in order to avoid having Rhinoplasty and keep my... READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Need to Improve my Bone Structure and Facial Balance? (photo)

I have a very nondescript face with average bone structure and an average facial balance, below I have photos showing my desired bone structure and... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation with Filler or Implant? (photo)

Hello, I am a 29 year old female, I have always been unhappy with my profile. I believe more protrusion with my chin would help to balance my features... READ MORE

Will a Chin Implant Be Enough to Balance my Facial Features? (photo)

I have been unhappy with my face, mainly my profile, for a very long time. I have considered many procedures including rhinoplasty, otoplasty, fat... READ MORE

Would a chin implant make a nose look smaller from both the front and profile view?

I have an average sized nose. However, I have a really weak chin and somewhat rounded/square face. I know that chin implants can do truly amazing... READ MORE

Is my chin implant too big? What can I do to balance my face? (photos and X-rays)

I am a 26 y/o fem. I had a chin implant surgery and rhinoplasty 5 years ago. I was pleased with the chin implant, but I think that my face looks too... READ MORE

Should I consider getting a chin implant/jaw implant/cheek injections with fillers? (photos)

So I know for a fact that I'm going to get a nose job this summer (to fix the bump and make the nose more centered/straight) but the doctor I went to... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

I look at my face and it looks imbalanced. the right side of my face looks full while the left looks like it is incomplete. my chin seems to be... READ MORE

Why does my face/ chin seemed unbalanced? (photos)

I keep getting suggestions for doctors about a chin implant. i am not really concerned with this but i would like incite on why it is my face seems to... READ MORE

Would a chin implant be suitable for me? (Photo)

I am a 21 year old female and I do not like my profile or how weak my chin looks from a frontal view either. What would be the best options for me as... READ MORE

23, female. Would I be a good candidate for a chin implant? Would it balance my face without making it look masculine? (Photo)

Compared to my eyes and nose, I feel like the lower third of my face is small. Would a chin implant balance out my face without making it look... READ MORE

I've been told I have a mouth breather face. What do I need to do to bring my face into balance? (photos)

I'm not sure I can afford the double jaw surgery I'm told I need and can't have that much downtime from work. I'm not sure if a chin implant will even... READ MORE

I'm Thinking About Pursuing a Jaw Implant and Chin Implant to Balance my Face?

Some of the current jawline imbalance is due to excessive muscle growth I've been told. It's been recommended that I get Botox to shrink the muscle. I... READ MORE

Will a chin implant balance my profile and enhance jawline? (photos)

I am looking to enhance my jawline as I feel that it is weak (see picture). I would also like to balance my profile out. There is no fat or... READ MORE

What kind of procedure/procedures do you recommend to create more distance between neck and chin? (photo)

First off I want to thank everyone who respondes to my questions, your honest opinions are appreciated. what procedures would you recommend if I was... READ MORE

Chin implant on a convex chin? (Photo)

I am considering a chin implant, I am concerned that adding a implant will create a deeper lip-chin sulcus than I have already . Would I achieve... READ MORE

Will a Chin Implant make my face look longer? (photos)

I'm concerned that if I get a chin implant my face will look more oblong and not balanced. Will it be best to just get fillers or get an implant? The... READ MORE

What can I do to my face to balance out the side profile? (Photo)

I still want to look like I do now just with better side profile. To me it looks rather flat and long in my cheek area, and my lips and chin have no... READ MORE

I will like to improve the symmetry of my face, what procedures would you recommend? (photos)

Hi, I am mostly happy with the way I look, but I think that my features would be better balanced if they were more symmetrical. I think that I may... READ MORE

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