Anesthesia + Chin Implant

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Chin Implant - General Anesthesia?

I am having a chin implant with no other procedures. The surgeon gave me the option to do in his office with a local anesthesia or go to a surgery... READ MORE

Who is the Best Surgeon for Jaw Implant? (photo)

I been trying to search for a top surgeon that does Jaw Implants but most only do chin implants. I am very interested in Jaw Implant to improve my jaw... READ MORE

Doctor Wants Me to Stay in Aftercare Facility for Chin Implant Removal

I'm having a chin implant removed and my Doctor is requiring me to stay in an aftercare facility for 1 night. I didn't have to do this for my original... READ MORE

Is chin implant painful? Can you open your eyes while surgery is going on?

I m going to get my chin implant but I m so scared , I saw the video and i saw they were cutting the whole skin under the chin and that was real scary.. READ MORE

How soon after a rhinoplasty can a sliding genioplasty be performed?

Please don't tell me these should be ideally performed at the same time - I understand that. I'm curious what the actual restriction is for doing a... READ MORE

I had a consultation for chin implant with submental liposuction in New York. Does this information sound normal?

I was referred to a board certified plastic surgeon. The consult went very well but I was slightly concerned that the doctor seemed very set in her... READ MORE

Jaw implants anesthesia?

I have silicone jaw implants not secured with screws, one implant has shifted so i plan of having them fixed with screws to the bone. My doctor tells... READ MORE

Pregnancy after surgery. How long does anesthesia stay in the body and could it affect my unborn fetus?

I had my surgery November 2 and accidentally got pregnant on nov 8-12... The antibiotics affected my birth control so I also took a plan b... Still... READ MORE

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