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1 Month After Implantech Chin Implant, Unhappy With the Shape. (photo)

1 mo. ago received an Implantech medium ext. anatomical chin implant. Based on specs, the small is only .5 mm smaller in projection but smaller all... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Extended Anatomical SQUARE Chin Implant?

Hi, I'm looking to get an extended anatomical chin implant to get some vertical projection but I would also like my chin to be made mode square like.... READ MORE

Is the extended wings anatomical medium implant the wrong shape and/or size for my face? (photo)

The implant was placed 1 month and 1 week ago. It's appears to me too wide, and too long with dimples or horizontal dent in the front that makes it... READ MORE

Is my chin implant to small for my face? (photo)

Had a small anatomical chin implant put in last month and with most of the swelling subsided i realize that the size of impant my surgeon picked out... READ MORE

What is the difference between Implantech Extended Anatomical and a Terino Extended Anatomical Chin Implant?

Hello, I was wondering what the differences are between the Implantech Extended Anatomical vs. the Terino Extended Anatomical chin implant (not the... READ MORE

Young small female seeking chin implant revision. Should I revise it with the anatomical or curvilinear chin implant?

9 weeks ago, I had a medium sized mittelman prejowl chin implant placed submentally. It is too wide and has unwanted lengthening effect. This certain... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant too high? (photo)

I got a large ImplanTech extended anatomical silicon implant, I like the front view but the profile view looks in a strange steep shape, like a "/",... READ MORE

What is the right shape chin implant for my feminine face? (Photo)

I would like to add projection to my recessed chin but otherwise I like my feminine face and do not wish to add additional width or height to my face.... READ MORE

Which Chin Implant shape do you consider the most suited for my lower face ? (photo)

I'm going to have a chin implant surgery in a month. I've already decided for a Terino Extended Anatomical (Medium) but I'd like to change it with a... READ MORE

Is the extended wings anatomical small implant shape wrong for my face? (photo)

My chin implant was placed 2 months ago and although I like my profile, the front of my face seems more flat, rounder. My original chin was longer... READ MORE

Is my Medium extended anatomical implant too big or the wrong shape for my face?

Implant was inserted a month & one week ago. I added a pic of profile before and after. the remaining photos are post implant. I LIKE the... READ MORE

Terino Extended Anatomical Chin Implant or Mittleman Pre jowl Chin Implant? (photos)

I've been looking at the chin implant website and I like these two chin implants for the look I want to achieve. I hate how my pre jowls looks so... READ MORE

Chin implant not right shape. (Photo)

I am about 2.5 weeks post op. It is still early to tell the outcome of the chin, I'm not sure about chin implant shape & whether it was the right... READ MORE

Chin implant; Size and style I have been looking in the the different style of implants. What you think of my assumption?(photo)

My goal is a conservative enhancement.I´d rather have a slightly looking underdeveloped chin , then a implant that is too big for my face. I´m very a... READ MORE

Chin implant revision, I'd like a bigger implant, is it recommended? What size and type of implant would be best? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 6 months ago, I got a medium size, anatomical type, silicon, I liked that it improved my profile but now after all the swelling... READ MORE

Size of submental incision needed for a small anatomic chin implant?

I have recently visited a P.S and he mentioned he needed a THREE CM (=1.18 INCH) incision to insert a small anatomic chin implant. Isn´t this too big ... READ MORE

Which implant is better for me? Extended anatomical or Flowers Glove Mandibular type? Is Flowers glove good for male? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 6 months ago, I got a medium size silicone extended anatomical type, I liked that it improved my profile but I feel my chin is... READ MORE

Large Chin Implant? (photos)

I'm getting Rhinoplasty and a chin implant at the end of the month. My PS suggested a large Anatomical Extended implant by Implantech. While I trust... READ MORE

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