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I Have a Weak Chin - Do I Need a Chin Implant or Jaw Surgery?

When I was younger I had an 80% overbite. After 4 years of braces my teeth/overbite isn't as pronounced. But it isn't as good as I want it to... READ MORE

Treatment for a Very Small Chin

I have a very small chin which makes my maxilla look bigger. I want my chin to be very sharp and pointy to achive a heart shaped,symmetrical face.... READ MORE

What Other Options Do I Have as Alternatives to Chin Implant?

I am considering a chin implant, but i am afraid that my chin would look longer! i don't want to change my face shape into a box, i just want to... READ MORE

Could Chin Augmentation Be An Alternative To Jaw Surgery?

I was advised by my orthodontist to do have a jaw surgery done prior braces to fix my overbite but I was afraid and didn't do so. Braces that I... READ MORE

Whos a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

What age does the chin stop growing on a male? What are some alternatives to a implant? I do not have a strong chin READ MORE

Jaw Surgery or Chin Augmentation? (Photos)

I'm 20, had braces for 14 months to fix my overbite. got them off this year. jaw surgery was an option at the start but i didn't want to get... READ MORE

Recession in Lower Face Better Treated with Chin Implant or Sculptra/Radiesse? (photo)

Due to uneven planes in lower region of my face, I am wondering if chin implant would not address all problem and if there is more flexibility in... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Implant Vs Sliding Genioplasty Vs Liposuction

Whats wrong with my face? is my neck fat or my chin receded? what would be the best way to fix it? READ MORE

I only want added projection. Would I be a good candidate for a button style chin implant, or would fillers be better? (Photo)

I want added projection only with little to no change in chin height or width. I've read reviews warning that button style implants were pointy and... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Implant and Chin Lipo? (photo)

Surgeon said I needed chin medium chin implant inter oral ? Is there any alternative to chin implant or can I ave submental lipo of the jowl and chin READ MORE

(Follow-up) Chin implant alternative? (photos)

I don't think I'm overweight (5'0, 103 lbs), but my neck looks like this (in about 1/3 of my photos). My doctor suggested a chin implant, as he said... READ MORE

Chin implant or something else?

20 yrs ago i got a chin implant that bothered me for the entire 20 yrs...I also had nerve damage on left side when it was put in so left side of... READ MORE

What is an alternative to jaw implants?

I am interested in a procedure that is not as invasive as jaw surgery but that still give the crisp square sharp look, I've already had a neck lift... READ MORE

Is there a company that can print out a flexible custom chin implant? (Photo)

I have a chin implant that is the wrong size and was placed incorrectly. The surgeon actually filed and carved away bone to force in this wrong... READ MORE

Different ways such as fillers, implants or sliding genioplasty to revise an asymmetrical and tilted chin? (Photos)

Currently, I have a M Vertical Lengthening Chin Implant in my chin.I had chin implant surgeries twice by two different doctors, and both time the chin... READ MORE

Long recession on chin that is short horizontally? (Photo)

I also have No facial fat or anterior projection in my face....I was told that a sliding genioplasty would help....but Im terrified... Would a facial... READ MORE

Can I get my medpor chin implant removed after 4 years of augmentation surgery?

I have developed intraoral fistulas (3) discharging pus and I can feel bony growth near the margins of my implants. It's growing in size literally.... READ MORE

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