6 Years Post-op + Chin Implant

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Chin Implant Removal Years Later?

I had a chin implant placed in my chin through a small one inch incision underneathe my chin six years ago in 2006. I'm thinking of removing it. I'll... READ MORE

Chin Implant tingling and swelling 6 years later?

I had chin implant and fat injections six years ago. There is still swelling and tingling up until today. The last swelling left a visible hardening... READ MORE

Can a chin implant be revised after 6 years? (photos)

I had a chin implant (gortex implant that goes on the chin with these little extended pieces that go along the bottom jaw line) 6 years ago and it... READ MORE

Could my Chin Implant be Causing Fatigue and Low Endurance if it Were Infected?

Six years ago I,ve had a chin implant. Sometimes it feels thight and tingling.The recent years I developed a bad health condition, consisting of... READ MORE

Can a chin implant fail slightly over 5 mm in the future?

I have had a silicone chin implant for 6 years. It looks like it has lost perjection over time. There is also moderate pain I get on the left side. I... READ MORE

Chin Implant Slippage

I had a solid silicon chin implant inserted 6 years ago. Yesterday, I felt a sharp pain in my chin while eating some beef jerky. Today, I still feel... READ MORE

Squeezed Chin Implant, Is Damage Permanent?

6 years ago i got a chin implant. it has shifted slightly and i went to a doctor a few days ago for a consultation . During the consultation he... READ MORE

Can my chin/lip drop be corrected after its onset after chin implant?

I had a chin implant surgery about 6 years ago. For the first 3 years, there was no sign of drooping; however, I now have a droop on the right side,... READ MORE

Hi, I have been told bone is growing over part of my chin implant. Any information on previous cases or what can be done for me?

I had chin implant 6 years ago. The last few months a lump (bone hard, around 10mm diameter and protruding about 5mm) has developed roughly around the... READ MORE

Infected chin implant after 6 years, if removed and I wait a month or so will a new implant be just as likely to get infected?

As rare as it may be, my chin implant of 6 years is infected. No swelling, started as large pustule flush with the surgical line between my lower gums... READ MORE

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