5 Months Post-op + Chin Implant

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Risk of Disfigurement After Chin Implant Removal?

Chin implant removed 4.5 months after surgery. Two rounds of cortisol. Very severe tightness. Have a lot of swelling/pain right now. Will it go back... READ MORE

Lips Sit Unevenly After Chin Implant? (photo)

I got a 4 millimetre (in projection) chin implant 4.5 months ago. Since then, I have noticed that my top lip sits crookedly on my face, as well as my... READ MORE

Chin still looks so long and square after chin implant 5 months ago. What can I do? (Photo)

Got a chin implant 5 months ago and I just feel like its too long and square for my face will it change over time ? does it still look like its... READ MORE

Can a big chin implant shift while doing dental work such as braces and retainer molds?

5 months ago, I received surgery for a relatively large chin implant that caused my bottom lip to somewhat conceal my bottom row of teeth. Next week,... READ MORE

Is this an infection? Crack heard from chin implant. (photo)

I'm five months post op an intraoral chin implant. Yesterday, I was massaging my chin because it felt sore, and I heard/felt a cracking noise. Never... READ MORE

Not happy after mandibular setback for class III malocclusion. I still have a flat face, show more gum and look jowly? (Photos)

5 months ago I was going to have a Le fort 1+ genioplasty but I told my surgeon I was scared of the nose widening so I had a mandibular set back. I... READ MORE

Can I have a chin implant removed by another surgeon?

I had a chin implant put in about 5 months ago and I HATE it. My chin was never really receded to begin with (very slightly) and it has made my face... READ MORE

Chin Implant Irregularity - Scar Tissue?? How to fix?

I received a custom-made Medpor chin implant (placed in with screws) 5 months ago. When I’m not smiling, the chin implant looks symmetric and e... READ MORE

Is genioplasty better than a chin implant? (Photo)

Five months ago i did my chin implant surgery but still not satisfied by the result.when i was young i had an overbite.i think i had an... READ MORE

Chin implant tight after 5 months. Any suggestions? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 5 months post op chin implant placed via incision under chin. It's very tight under the chin area, will this improve? Anyway to help speed... READ MORE

How can I know when the chin implant swelling is completely gone? (Photo)

I had chin implant 5 months ago and still think it's too long. My doctor blamed the swelling but I don't trust him any more as I have waited long... READ MORE

I would like to remove chin implant and get mandibular advancement surgery instead, will my face/chin sag from removal?

Hi, 5 months ago I got an 8.5mm implant to fix what I thought was a receding chin problem. Originally I loved it as it did improve my profile however... READ MORE

Left side of my chin implant slides, the other side is secured in place. Will the other side heal? My OCD makes me touch it

I had a chin implant placed intraorally 5 months ago after having a chin height reduction and jaw recontour together. I had lots of swelling which is... READ MORE

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