2 Days Post-op + Chin Implant

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I Had a Chin Implant 2 Days Ago. My Chin is Very Swollen and Itchy. Is It Infected?

I had a chin implant along with rhinoplasty Feb 13. I went to my post op and my Dr. said everything looked fine but started me on a cycle of steroids... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant, Neck Lift, and Liposuction Done Two Days Ago. Why is my cheeks and lower lips are still swollen?

I had a chin implant, neck lift, and liposuction done two days ago. My cheeks and lower lip are still swollen. I notice when I press on the right side... READ MORE

I Recently Got a Chin Implant and It Looks Like I Have a Double Chin. Could This Be Due to Swelling?

I had a little double chin but when i would look in the mirror it wasn't there you could only see it if i looked down. Now when i look straight into... READ MORE

2 days post-op Chin Implant and Neck Band surgery. Is ther anything I can do to speed up swelling? (photos)

2 days post-op chin implant and neck band surgery. Just took compression off. Neck, chin itchy, right side of face is more swollen then left. I look... READ MORE

2 days post op, I Had a Chin Implant, Neck Lift, and Liposuction Done, Have Swelling?

I had a chin implant, neck lift, and liposuction done two days ago. My cheeks and lower lip are still swollen. I noticed when I press on the right... READ MORE

Chin Implant 2 Days Ago, Can It Feel It Under Neck?

I can feel the implant from the front of my chin all the way down to the incision. I also can't really feel the wings but I feel something hard... READ MORE

Numbness after chin implant?

I'm two days post op and I can't feel my chin or bottom lip. Is this normal? READ MORE

How can I make sure my new chin implant won't shift again?

I had a chin implant shifted due to car accident 5 months ago. One side of wing is going up to gum and the whole front part shifted up towards my... READ MORE

Chin implant misplacement or swelling (photos)

Two days ago I had a Vertically Lengthening Chin Implant by Implantec surgery. Now there are two humps on my chin: one is my original chin and below a... READ MORE

2 days after chin implant and still have a lot of pain and soreness???

Had my chin implant on Monday and it is very difficult to eat I cannot chew at all or lick my lips or talk well without pain. I cant eat much which... READ MORE

Medpor chin implant removed 23 days post op, leaving me with a flat chin. Should I worry?

Knowing the implant was not for me I got it out after 23 days. The implant was customized (narrow w/out wings) size small (5mm). 2 days post op and my... READ MORE

If a chin implant is removed 2 days after insertion, does healing time still take as long as if the implant still there?

Even though implant is not there do i still have to heal like as if i still got the implant. Do I have to pass the same long healing time with or... READ MORE

Small 5mm extended anatomical silicone chin implant removed after only 2 days post operation! What is the healing process like?

I got an small size 5mm extantad anatomıcal silicone implant (w wings) exactly two days ago under the chin. ı removed ıt today. ı emotianly str... READ MORE

Tooth extraction, how long after chin implant?

Hi, I am going to have three tooths taken out (one was already taken out a month prior to the implant). I just had a chin implant 2 days ago, how long... READ MORE

Have some soft lumps near the area after chin implant removal (done two days ago). Can it be seroma? It doesn't look normal

I had the ımplant ony for two days. I got ıt removed ımmıdatly. There was no infection etc. But i was so streessed. Today ıs the second day of remo... READ MORE

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