1 Year Post-op + Chin Implant

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Intraoral Scar from Chin Implant - Mentalis Muscle Resuspension? (photos)

Last year i had a intramural chin implant removed. Since then, the inside of my bottom lip sticks to my bottom gum. The best way i can describe it is... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Internal Scar Tissue, Uneven/assymetrical Appearance? (photo)

I'm 20 and female, I had a chin implant about a year ago, Overall I am satisfied with the change it's made to my appearance and side profile. However... READ MORE

Why Has my Chin Implant Made my Lower Lip Smaller?

Hi there, I had a chin implant a year ago but I still feel some discomfort inside my mouth. I also noticed that my lower lip became even smaller (more... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Large Big Mistake Please Help?

I had a chin implant a year and a half ago and I hate it its too large very wide and when I smile it projects out why to much. its made from a mesh... READ MORE

How Do I Know if the Doctor Really Inserted a Chin Implant?

I got a chin implant together with my rhinoplasty about a year ago, but I don't feel the chin implant made any difference, and now I'm... READ MORE

Jaw Implant Migration?

Hi , I have silicone jaw angle implants that were placed about a year ago, they weren't screwed to the bone, therefore the implant on the right side... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal, scar tissue left over post op 1 year, how to get rid of it?

I had cheek implant removal with big cheek implants and its been one year. there is left over scar tissue in the area and i hate it. what can i do to... READ MORE

1 year post chin implant swelling

I got a chin implant with 3 screws. I've healed perfectly but 1 year later I started to notice a transient swelling that occurs sometime after very... READ MORE

I had a chin implant a year and 2 months ago. My lower lip has been in pain every day since with a swollen mass. What can I do?

My lower lip first didn't have feeling for > 2 months, then a slight feeling came but with pain. At 3 months a mass started forming and there was... READ MORE

I had a Porex chin implant last year but I want more projection. What are my options? Can another implant be added on top of it?

I got a porex chin implant around one year ago, but i need more projection in my chin. is it possible to add another chin implant on top of the... READ MORE

Should chin implant be palpable around where wings end?

I had a medpor chin implant put in roughly a year ago. Should you be able to feel wings running along jaw line? For me, if you were to run your finger... READ MORE

Post a failed chin implant, something looks weird? What is it and how to get back the way I looked before? (Photo)

So i had a chin implant, but sadly my body rejected it, so i had to take it out within like a week post surgery as i was constantly bleeding and got... READ MORE

Already had chin implant. Would you recommend another chin implant? (Photo)

Hey everyone. I am 20 years old and last year had a rhinoplasty due to broken nose as kid as well as a chin implant as my jaw was recessed and did not... READ MORE

How would an anatomic chin implant change my facial appearance? (Photo)

1 year ago I got a chin augmentation surgery, my surgeon recommended me a button chin implant, I accepted his suggestion, I didn't know much about... READ MORE

Weak chin/jawline. What would you recommend? (Photo)

I had a chin implant about a year ago, although I feel the projection isn't long/low enough. I also have a poor jaw that seems barely noticeable. I am... READ MORE

Something like cyst neat to chin implant is subject to worry

I have done my chin implant 1 yr ago.it is successful but since last 2 days I am observing something like cyst near to chin implant.it is not paining... READ MORE

I'm almost 1 year post chin implant and I can't close my lips. Will it have to be removed? (Photo)

I have a medpor button chin 5 mm medium. It's been almost a year since I had surgery and when I was swollen I could close my lips and now that all the... READ MORE

I have a lopsided smile a year after a chin implant. What's the next step?

It's been a year and a few months since I had my chin implant. It's healed wonderfully and looks fantastic. However, my smile is still lopsided on the... READ MORE

Chin Implant Still Swollen After a Year

I had a chin implant a year ago but this was not an actual implant but instead it was constructed out of the bone structure of my lower jawbone. I... READ MORE

1 year post chin implant removal. Why my chin is not normal?

Hi I am a 30 year old women. I had a chin implant removed after having it for 9 years. Now, i feel my right side of chin in lower in compare with the... READ MORE

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