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Do Deep Chemical Peels REALLY Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles?

I'm a 33 yr old female and have a tons of eye wrinkles: crows feet and under eye wrinkles which botox does NOT get rid of since these have actually... READ MORE

Safe and Effective Chemical Peel for Under Eye Area?

I just had my first glycolic acid peel (20%) for the under eye and felt a slight burn. But after that, nothing realy happened. The doctor said she... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Recommendation for Fair Skin with Severe Sun Damage and Wrinkles?

What type of chemical peel would you recommend for someone with very fair skin, severe sun damage, wrinkles on top of lips and crow's feet? What... READ MORE

Phenol Peel, TCA Peel or Laser for Undereye Wrinkles and Crepiness? (photo)

I am 45 years old with thin skin and I want to address under eye wrinkles, crepiness and bags. I am frightened of damaging fragile tissue with a... READ MORE

Can I Get Botox After Chemical Peal?

Hi guys! i had some hyperpicmented skin and on tuesday i had a tca peel. i have been on a course of 6 in the last couple of months with little result.... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Remove Fine Nasolabial Wrinkles?

I have a very fine nasolabial wrinkle that's worse on one side than the other. They are worse near my nose than my mouth. Most sites say medium... READ MORE

Is there a vaginal area skin treatment? (photo)

Is there some type of peel or skin treatment that can be done to the vaginal area to fill out wrinkles to give it a more youthful look and even tone? READ MORE

Do chemical peels CAUSE under eye wrinkles?

I had a chemical peel done underneath my eyes yesterday for thinning skin and smile lines. My under eye skin this morning looks red and a bit puffy. I... READ MORE

Is a chemical peel the best to treat my under eye wrinkles? (photos)

I posted pics before and was told the lines aren't bad (here is a link to my previous question). So I'm posting a couple more to show how loose... READ MORE

Does Sciton Laser with Micropeel Cause Skin Thinning?

I have severe sun damage and wrinkles on face, but I am only 39 years old. Will Sciton Profractional Laser and Micropeel cause the skin to thin? I'm... READ MORE

Why is my new skin scaly, wrinkly and scabby after Vitalize Peel?

Problem with Vitalize Peel. So had the Skinmedica Vitalize peel done on Tuesday and up until Saturday most skin is peeled off. However the new skin... READ MORE

Money is a Factor, What Procedure Do You Think I Should Do First to Improve my Facial Appearance? (photo)

I have had some fillers in laugh lines and under eye area. My lower eye lids have bothered me since my mid twenties, and now I'm 40. Now I have a... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Wrinkles. Forming More Wrinkles After Chemical Peels. Should I Discontinue?

I have upper eyelid surface wrinkles. I have been getting a 12.5% chemical peel every 2 weeks. After these two chemical peels more new wrinkles have... READ MORE

Do Medium Depth Peels Need to Be Done More Than Once?

I am 48 years old, blonde and blue eyed. I had a medium peel with phenol under my eyes done 2 months ago. After looking like a monster for 7 days, I... READ MORE

Crepey Skin and Fine Lines Under Eyes?

Hello, I had a hard 7 months after a bad Retylane job under my eyes. I had vitrase, ulthera, fractional co2, and sclerotherapy before I found a... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel help me to look younger?

I am 67 years old (female) and have sagging skin, deep wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. I cannot get a facelift (according to doctor); can a... READ MORE

I'm 46 and my Skin is Damaged from the Sun and Has Some Wrinkles/lines with some Scarring. Which Peel Would Work Best? (photo)

I have included pics and hope to receive some answers. I feel the botox makes me look abnormal, so I haven't gone back. I've read that the Obagi peel... READ MORE

Is it normal to have under eye wrinkles after Sensi peel? (Photo)

I'm 36 with dry sensitive skin. I had a PCA sensi peel done for the first time. It's been 6 days now and the skin under my eyes is now very crepey and... READ MORE

Wrinkles After Enerpeel Due to Smoking?

I Am a Smoker and I Had an Enerpeel, In Now Have Fat Loss Can This Be Reversed.? I was not told anything about smoking while having the enerpeel. At... READ MORE

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