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What Chemical Peel is Best to Tighten Skin?

What Chemical Peel is Best to Tighten Skin? READ MORE

What is in a Vitalize Peel and What Do You Recommend It For?

I only recently heard about this kind of peel and it doesn't seem very common; any reason for that? READ MORE

what is the most effective peel chemical and percentage for hyperpigmentated/sundamaged for dark african american skin!

I have sun damaged skin and I am African-American. I am perplexed by how many peels that are available to purchase. Please answer the following... READ MORE

Best Chemical Peel for Oily Skin?

Is salicylic acid better at cutting through oily skin than glycolic acid? Also, how does salycylic acid at 15% compare to glycolic acid at 30%? Will... READ MORE

What Type and Strength of Chemical Peel for African American with Hyperpigmentation?

I have severe hyperpigmentation spots under my chin & preauricular area, what type & strength chemical peels from plucking facial hair what... READ MORE

What Type of Chemical Peel is Right for Me?

I am an 18 year old female i am 5"1 and 100lbs. I have very fair skin i burn easily, in addition i have freckles. I also have acne and get pimples and... READ MORE

Are Chemical Peels Like the Vi Peel Safe for People with Rosacea?

Are Chemical Peels Like the Vi Peel Safe for People with Rosacea? READ MORE

Which chemical peel (type or strength) would improve my nasolabial folds and marionette lines the most? (photo)

I have seen some before and after photos of older patients who's smoker lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds were reduced to basically... READ MORE

What's a Good Alpha-Beta Peel For Acne and To Improve Skin Tone?

I want to get a professional Alpha-Beta peel to clear acne and improve skin-tone. What brands of AHA-BHA peel provide good results and in what... READ MORE

ViPeel or TCA Peel for my skin texture, tone, and sun damage? (photo)

I am a 39 yr old white female with fair skin. I want to even out my tone, texture, and fade dark patches, freckling, and post acne redness. I am... READ MORE

What is the Best Acid for Skin Peel on Black Skin and What Strengh?

What is the Best Acid for Skin Peel on Black Skin and What Strengh? READ MORE

What Kind of Chemical Peel Can Be Used on Dark Complexioned Skin to Reverse Long Term Tanning?

I am of Indian origin and long term sun exposure and tanning over a period of many years has left my face much darker than my neck and torso. My face... READ MORE

Best Option for Skin Resurfacing: TCA 30% or Phenol Croton Oil Peel? (photo)

First and foremost, I should like to thank all the doctors who have answered my question regarding eyelid surgery so diligently. Their views have lead... READ MORE

Do chemical peels usually result in bleeding on the facial skin?

Problem: age related skin wrinkling. What type of peel (by name) will typically not leave a person with a scary welting appearance? READ MORE

What type of chemical peel would give me best results? (photo)

I don't have any acne I just picked my face for pretty much no reason while I was on drugs and now it looks like some maybe mild hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

What type of peel would be best for my under eye wrinkles? (photos)

I have gotten restylane in tear trough for hollowness but still have wrinkling upon smiling. Not as noticable when not smiling. I don't want to do... READ MORE

What is a "sparkle peel?"

My aesthetician wants to do a sparkle peel on me but I can't fiind any information or the name of the company who makes it. READ MORE

I Have a Bad Case of Keratosis Pilaris. What Type of Full Body Chemical Peel Would Be Most Effective?

I have a very bad case of keratosis pilaris (red bumps) almost on my entire body. What type of full body chemical peel would be most effective at... READ MORE

Which peel should I do first? I'm a first-timer chemical peel user.

Hello, I have never done a chemical peel before and want to do it the right way. I have some discoloration on my skin, it needs to be toned, and some... READ MORE

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