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Will Sun Exposure After Chemical Peel Cause Permanent Tanning?

I had a medium Chemical Peel, 7 weeks ago and I went out 10 days after the peel with sunblock on my face, but when I came back my face was kind of... READ MORE

What is in a Vitalize Peel and What Do You Recommend It For?

I only recently heard about this kind of peel and it doesn't seem very common; any reason for that? READ MORE

What is a Melange Peel Treatment & What is in It?

I am considering have a Melange Peel, not sure about the spelling, is it a deep peel? What is in it? READ MORE

I had a lactic acid peel 40% done today in skin clinic, skin is raw in this spot near my cheek! How do I treat it? (Photo)

Some fluid was also leaking out of it but has stopped now. It feels like a really bad graze. What is it and how do i treat it? The therapist said she... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get a Chemical Peel in Between Fraxel Treatments?

Is It Ok or Necessary at All, to Get a Chemical Peel in Between Fraxel Treatments? READ MORE

Best peel for keratosis pilaris?

I have KP on my face, the area from my cheeks to my neck is covered in the bumps and redness. I also have fine lines and freckles. Is there a chemical... READ MORE

Melanage peel without post treatment products?

I had a very cheap melanage peel but I guess the trade off is that I was not given the post treatment products. Can someone help me out and tell me... READ MORE

I have been doing mild chemical peels on a regular basis but still have acne. Should I increase the frequency of the peels?

I did chemical peel,but still getting acne. I have done 10 peels every one n half month. But still im getting acne. Can i do more peeling within... READ MORE

Dark Patches and demarcation line. Is this permanent? (Photo)

I had medium depth Mandelic acid peel with Tyrosinase inhibitors about 3 weeks ago. As you can see from the picture below I have brown patches around... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for anti-ageing? Chemical peel, skin-needling, microdermabrasion??

After having many monthly chemical peels, I wanted to try skin needling/derma rolling, but after dismal reviews, I'm left wondering what is the best... READ MORE

Is a Peel an option with broken capillaries?

I am 59 and have fair skin. I've had 4 basal cell carcinomas removed with Mohs surgery (none within the last 5 years). I wear sunscreen every day. I... READ MORE

(Levulan Blue Light Therapy) vs. (Laser Genesis + Chemical Peels) for acne and pitted scarring on Indian skin? (Photo)

I've been diagnosed with acne vulgaris grade 2 by my dermatologist and recommended the above mentioned treatment options. Which one would be a safe... READ MORE

41; had a mild chemical peel & microdermabrasion yesterday at one of the best dermatology centers. Will these flake off? (Photo)

I did this to prepare for a series of micropen treatments. My face yesterday had terrible red and raw patches all over it. Now they are like brown... READ MORE

What are the treatments available to smoothen my skin? (Photos)

I have acne scars and redness on my cheeks. What I concern the most is the rough and uneven skin and large pores. Do chemical peel or prp treatment... READ MORE

Do I have a chemical burn from jessners peel? How should I treat? (photos)

I am Day 4 after a jessner's peel. I was told treatment would be light with a bit of peeling. she said "I'll leave it on a bit longer so you get an... READ MORE

Retinoids and in-office peels not effective for my pores? (Photos)

See pics attached. I have been using retinoids and getting regular in-office chemical peels and microdermabrasion but my pores are still huge. I tried... READ MORE

I have an acne scar after the chemical peel (yellow peel). (photo)

Iam using bp5% clindamycin and doxcycycline.can i continue this treatment READ MORE

what is the best treatment for chemical peel burn? (photos)

The doctor gave me a chemical peel to use it in home and in the first time i use a little amount of this cream and he said after 10 days i must put... READ MORE

Can I do underarm peeling after IPL treatment? (photo)

I've done 5 sessions of IPL to my underarm a month ago. It was okay until the last time. Now my underarm looks a lil bit darker after the last session... READ MORE

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