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Will Sun Exposure After Chemical Peel Cause Permanent Tanning?

I had a medium Chemical Peel, 7 weeks ago and I went out 10 days after the peel with sunblock on my face, but when I came back my face was kind of... READ MORE

What is in a Vitalize Peel and What Do You Recommend It For?

I only recently heard about this kind of peel and it doesn't seem very common; any reason for that? READ MORE

What is a Melange Peel Treatment & What is in It?

I am considering have a Melange Peel, not sure about the spelling, is it a deep peel? What is in it? READ MORE

I had a lactic acid peel 40% done today in skin clinic, skin is raw in this spot near my cheek! How do I treat it? (Photo)

Some fluid was also leaking out of it but has stopped now. It feels like a really bad graze. What is it and how do i treat it? The therapist said she... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get a Chemical Peel in Between Fraxel Treatments?

Is It Ok or Necessary at All, to Get a Chemical Peel in Between Fraxel Treatments? READ MORE

Melanage peel without post treatment products?

I had a very cheap melanage peel but I guess the trade off is that I was not given the post treatment products. Can someone help me out and tell me... READ MORE

I have been doing mild chemical peels on a regular basis but still have acne. Should I increase the frequency of the peels?

I did chemical peel,but still getting acne. I have done 10 peels every one n half month. But still im getting acne. Can i do more peeling within... READ MORE

My skin is red and peeling 2 days after treatment, and burns when I apply protectant. Will it heal quickly?

My face but it started so quickly after my procedure - just over 24 from when I had it done, surprisingly. I didn't want to peel the skin off but it... READ MORE

Dark Patches and demarcation line. Is this permanent? (Photo)

I had medium depth Mandelic acid peel with Tyrosinase inhibitors about 3 weeks ago. As you can see from the picture below I have brown patches around... READ MORE

what is the best treatment for chemical peel burn? (photos)

The doctor gave me a chemical peel to use it in home and in the first time i use a little amount of this cream and he said after 10 days i must put... READ MORE

Whether it's peels, pens, or laser, why have a single strong skin treatment rather than several milder skin treatments?

I understand that the primary issue might be recovery and downtime, but there seems to be something more in the idea behind. I would guess that skin... READ MORE

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