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Time Between Chemical Peels?

How many days should be a gap between sessions of chemical peels all over face and undereyes.10 days is safer. READ MORE

Does Chemical Peel After Laser Resurfacing Help?

I recently had Deep FX/Active FX to reduce scars. Is it helpful to get a peel after laser resurfacing? If so, how soon after and what type of peel? READ MORE

Waiting Period Between Chemical Peel and Restylane?

How long do you have to wait in between having chemical peel and Restylane or vice versa? READ MORE

Chemical peel and filler. How long should I wait between treatments?

I need to do chemical peeling ,filler and botox I have only five days before traveling which i can do first and how many days between each READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Treating a Bad Chemical Peel?

How soon may I start to correct a a bad chemical peel? Another peel necessary? Microdermabrasion? I had a jessners followed by a 25% TCA within a week... READ MORE

What is Optimal Time Between Chemical Peels for Acne Scarring?

I know glycolic acid peels are superficial, but a variety of doctors have advised that after ~6 you can see a reasonable decrease in acne scarring. I... READ MORE

How soon might I get a chemical peel after fractional CO2 laser?

I had a mild ablative c02 entire face may 21, 2015. Im completely healed I just want to further improve my skin. Please help is there anything I can... READ MORE

How long will it take to get rid of my acne scars using chemical peeling at home? (photos)

I was on Accutane for about 9 months because I had pretty severe acne. All my acne cleared up perfectly, but now I am left with atrophic scars on my... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get a chemical peel after use of Accutane?

I was on accutane for 4 months and now have been off it for 4 months. Can I get a chemical peel done now? In a April it would be my 5th month off READ MORE

Prp and chemical peels combined.

Hi I have done prp treatments in the past... Now I'm considering a chemical peel. Is it recommended to get a prp before or after a chemical peel... Or... READ MORE

Can I do Botox after a Chemical peel yesterday?

Can I do Botox after a Chemical peel yesterday? READ MORE

Can I repeat the Melanage peel after 1 month for stubborn hyperpigmentation?

I did a Standard Melanage peel for hyperpigmentation. Can I repeat the peel after 1 month for stubborn hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Can peels be done immediately after microneedling?

There is a medspa near me that does a Skinmedica vitalize peel immediately after microneedling. Is that safe? READ MORE

What Should Be the Approximate Difference in Between a Chemical Peel and Laser Hair Removal?

I had a chemical peel last week and next week I will be having my laser hair removal appointment for upper lip region. So is it advisable to go for... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Do a Phenol Peel 4 Months After Sculptra and Juvaderm?

I have been doing sculptra and juvadern. Is it ok to do a phenol peel now? It has been 4 months since scupltra and 3 months since juvaderm. READ MORE

How long should I wait after a chemical peel to do microneedling?

Hello, I did 2 chemical peels for my acne. It cleared a lot of my acne, but I still have scars and pigmentation. I have heard that microneedling could... READ MORE

What is the pain level for series of light chemical peels. How long to wait in between?

I'm planning to have a series of light chemical peels. The first went great. 1) If I wait 2 weeks between peels, can I expect similar experiences with... READ MORE

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