Skin Texture + Chemical Peel

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PCA Chemical Peel Effective for Dark Skin?

Is a PCA chemical peel effective at evening out skin tone and texture, and eliminating hyperpigmentation for people of color (deep tan/caramel colored... READ MORE

Skin Damaged from Chemical Peel?

I had a Perfect Peel done 3 weeks ago. The skin peeled off completely by the 3rd day, which was too early, and left my entire face burned and raw for... READ MORE

ViPeel or TCA Peel for my skin texture, tone, and sun damage? (photo)

I am a 39 yr old white female with fair skin. I want to even out my tone, texture, and fade dark patches, freckling, and post acne redness. I am... READ MORE

Is Chemical Peel the Solution to Damaged Skin Texture from Laser?

I had facial veins removed via dornier laser by a doctor who was too aggressive for some veins under my eyes. He went well below my eyes where I had... READ MORE

Best Chemical peel for me?

Headed back to the plastic surgeon and while there I am gonna ask for a chemical peel. I am 33 with light acne and scarring, a few fine lines and... READ MORE

Which skincare procedure would be best for texture and indented scarring on face? (photos)

I am looking for a cosmetic procedure that will improve the texture and indented scarring on my cheeks. When wearing makeup it is very noticeable (see... READ MORE

Can a deep chemical peel be done on my back to improve the skin texture on my back?

I used to have a big acne problem on my back, but have since taken a round of Accutane. That was about 3-4 years ago, and my back has not been any... READ MORE

I had a mini melanage peel 10 days ago. Is it common to peel a lot on some nights and not at all on others?

- Some nights I don't peel at all and other nights I peel a lot. Is that common? - Some areas of my neck look like I have a chemical burn. I use the... READ MORE

Obagi Peel for Better Skin Texture?

Is Obagi peel a good peel? I have been on the Obagi enhancement. I use .05% Renova with the treatment. Would the peel give me better texture? Thanks. READ MORE

I had a hetter peel 6 days ago and I'm a long way from peeling? (photo)

My skin is like sandpaper and my nose is smooth-never peeled? READ MORE

What to do about rough, odd texture skin around eyes after chemical peel?

Had a Hetter peel by board certified derm about 4 months ago. Left me w/bumpy, rough texture around my eyes. Still very red. Doc said normal, not to... READ MORE

Renaissance2 peel. What details can you give me about this peel?

What details can u give me ab this peel? I want a light to medium peeling with even tone color and texture. Hoe long before peeling starts n stops?... READ MORE

This is another question related to the number of days one should wait between chemical peels when undergoing a series of peels.

I am aiming for four to six peels in the series with a single booster peel every 4 to 6 months. I will be using a combination gel peel of 50% glycolic... READ MORE

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