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Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

I've got scars due to pimples but not too much. I want permanent solution to get rid of the scars. Is chemical peel a permanent solution? If not, what... READ MORE

Dark Scars After Chemical Peel

I originally went to the doctor for acne treatment, but while there, I explained her that I'm going on vacation in June, and I would like to go with a... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark Skin?

I am an African American, and I'm wondering, would Chemical Peel help with my dark facial scars? READ MORE

How Long Before Chemical Peel Scars, Hyperpigmentation Clears?

I have brown patches and hyperpigmentation from Chemical Peels. If these can still be corrected, how long will it take for them to be cleared or... READ MORE

Spots and Scars on Legs and Thighs: Will Skin Peeling Remove Them?

Whenever i am bitten by mosquitoes, i would get a red bump which will later turn into a sore. after that sore is heal it would leave a very dark spot.... READ MORE

Are the Scar Removal Results of a Chemical Peel Permanent?

I spoke to a doctor who told me that my skin is very sensitive and so chemical peeling can ruin my skin. She also said that the chemical peeling is... READ MORE

Is 50 Percent Chemical Peel Safe?

Hello, I have an appointment next week to have a Chemical Peel. I've already seen a licensed RN and she said, she's gonna perform a 50% Chemical peel... READ MORE

Botched Chemical Peel Job

I had two chemical peels: first was 20% AHA peel + microdermabrasion, which went well; the second one, done 2 months later, was 30% Glycolic peel +... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? (photo)

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? READ MORE

Which Chemical Peel for Old Marks and Blemishes on Legs?

I'm African-American (brown/dark skinned) and I have really bad marks and blemishes from old mosquito bites from the Carribean. I'm so... READ MORE

Does Chemical Peel After Laser Resurfacing Help?

I recently had Deep FX/Active FX to reduce scars. Is it helpful to get a peel after laser resurfacing? If so, how soon after and what type of peel? READ MORE

Will Chemical Peel Leave Scars on Face?

I'll use it because I have scars from acne. READ MORE

Huge Scar After Chemical Peel

I have dealt with acne since I was a teenager. One of my friends interested me in the chemical peel process. After the chemical peel, I was told to... READ MORE

Red/Purple Marks Above Lip After Face Peel: Is This a Chemical Burn?

I recently gave a chocolate peel containing salicylic, lactic, glycolic & kojic acid to a friend, she now has discoloration under her nose &... READ MORE

Chemical Peels for Scar Removal on the Lower Body?

I have acne scars on my back and on my butt, and I'm wondering if scar reduction treatments would work just as well in these areas? READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark, Caribbean Skin?

I am Caribbean with dark complexion. I have a bit of eczema, light scarring and blemishes on my skin. What Chemical peel that can be applied all over... READ MORE

Chemical Peel to Treat Chicken Pox Scars on Legs?

I have old brown ckicken pox scars on my leg. Will Chemical peel work on it? I hope it's going to work out for me. If not, what should I do? READ MORE

Vitalize Peel Side Effects?

Hi im a 31 yr old puertorican, white complexion, i just had a vitalize peel a little more than a month ago, at the beginning was fine but like a week... READ MORE

Brown patches day after moderate chemical peel. Is this normal or will skin be scarred/discolored permanently? (photos)

Just had a moderate chemical peel done yesterday. Certain areas of my face have brown patches. Will this be scarred and permanently discolored in... READ MORE

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