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Is Chemical Peel Harmful to Moles?

I want to use TCA for my moles, they occured after sun exposure and they're all flat,small and round like freckles. I want to get rid of them because... READ MORE

OK To Do a Chemical Peel 2 Months After Accutane? Did 3 Month Course.

My Physician said you can get a chemical peel 3 weeks after accutane?? I'm not sure but it's been 2 months off accutane and well my skin oil... READ MORE

Risk of Genital Herpes Outbreak from Chemical Peel?

Is it necessary to take a anti viral medication for a chemical (glycolic) peel if you are infected with gential herpes? If so how many days prior to... READ MORE

Do Too Many Peels Thin the Skin and Cause Pre-mature Wrinkles?

How many can be performed per year? I am 27 and like the results but are afraid of the long term damage? READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Tanning a Few Days Before a Chemical Peel?

Does it increase the chance of blistering during the first few days? Is there an increase in possibly scarring or uneven skin tone? READ MORE

At Home Chemical Peel Risks?

I am wanting to have a chemical peel for minor facial blemishes and discoloration beneth the eye. Are you able to purchase Chemical Peel products for... READ MORE

Do Chemical Peels Risk Causing Premature Skin Aging Like Lasers?

Hello, I have alot of acne scarring and discoloration I would like to get rid of. I was thinking about lasers but I've read some reviews of people who... READ MORE

I Had Chemical Peel and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Would This Affect my Baby?

I Had Chemical Peel and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Would This Affect my Baby? READ MORE

Pre Chemical Peel Care?

I have a Indian Skin, If I wish to undergo a AHA & PHA Chemical Peel (NOT TCA), to improve the texture and tone of my skin what are the chances of... READ MORE

Had Retanoic Acid Peel 2 Days Ago, Just Found out I'm 7 Wks Pregnant, Should I be Concerned?

Just found out I'm 7 weeks pregnant. Should I be concerned of there being any permanent side effects?  READ MORE

What are the risks involved with receiving a medium chemical peel? Also, how much would it cost?

I've heard that darker skinned women prefer this procedure but are at a higher risk of suffering from skin discoloration after having it. Is this true? READ MORE

Pigmentation in Face. For Fast Result, Is it Safe To Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel?

I have some pigmentation in my face rest of my body is fair ...For fast result is It Safe to Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel? READ MORE

Artificially Lightened Skin and Chemical Peels?

If your skin has been artificially lightened (via kojic acid, hydroquinone etc.), do you become less susceptible to the possible side effects of... READ MORE

I am planning to became pregnant. I will start trying by the end of the month. Is it safe to do an AHA Kojic peel now?

The ingredients in the peel are: deionized water, glycolic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, licoice extract, bearberry extract, citric acid, malic acid,... READ MORE

Is it true that chemical peel may cause hyperpigmentation?

I want to get one to treat my hyperpigmentation but not if it can cause more. I am African American and I read that it's a risk of skin darkening?? READ MORE

Took Accutane for 2 months, is it safe to go for chemical peel after 3 months?

Hello, I am suffering with post post inflamatory hyperpigmentation. I took accutane for only 2 months. It's been 3 months now that I'm off Accutane,... READ MORE

Had a skin peel yesterday, put sun cream on this morning but washed it off since, went to put the trash out & forgot to reapply

I was out for a maximum of 1 minute & it's not super sunny but the sun is out, any risk or a problem or affecting the chemical peel READ MORE

What percentage of Lactic Acid Peel would you suggest for arms?

Hi tried a 25% lactic acid peel on the front of my hand first stung a little but nothing the next day left on for 8 minutes do you suggest a 50%... READ MORE

Is a Chemical Peel on the Whole Surface of the Body Possible?

I would like a chemical peel on the whole body surface at one treatment (exluding face and feet). My main concern is, a chemical peel is a kind of... READ MORE

What Could Be the Treacherous Effect of Chemical Peeling, Please Describe in Case of Each of Type I.e. Light, Medium and Deep?

What Could Be the Treacherous Effect of Chemical Peeling, Please Describe in Case of Each of Type I.e. Light, Medium and Deep? Face READ MORE

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