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How Do I Best Treat This Reaction to a Lactic Acid Peel (Photo).

How do I best treat this reaction to a lactic acid peel (see photo). I've done about 4 lactic acid peels (55% brand:MUAC) leaving product on for 7... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction From Face Peel?

I had a very mild face peel and now my eyes and the area around my eyes have swelled up and very itchy. Will this cause me to have more wrinkles when... READ MORE

What peel do you recommend for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and thick, really dark scars?

I tried using a peel called Maxipeel #3. It was my first peel solution ever & I think it was too much because I had a SEVERE reaction to it. I was... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Chemical Peel if U Are Allergic to Salicylic Acid

I used st. ives for my acne and it has salicylic acid which made my skin irritated and kind of got red. so is it okay to do a chemical peel even if it... READ MORE

What should I do/ use to fix this reaction from my skin? (Photo)

Hi. Unfortunately I got a pretty bad reaction from the peel this time. I have done peels in the past for at least 2 years and never had any reactions.... READ MORE

Bad reaction to at home skin! What do I do? (photo)

I saw one of my favorite beauty gurus do a video and tutorial of a skin peel. It is a lactic acid solution 40% from IQ natural and I ordered it from... READ MORE

Chemical peel reaction- help (Photo)

I had a vitalize peel 4 days ago and am experiencing extreme itching and pain on my neck. Currently treating with cortisone cream and aquaphor but no... READ MORE

Is it common for some parts of the face not to react to the chemical peel at all?

I had a Vitalize chemical peel 4 days ago. Now only the area around my mouth is peeling (quite intensely) since day 2, but my forehead is not affected... READ MORE

What could've caused the reaction and what can I use to hydrate my skin to get rid of dead skin and moisture my face?

A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist and I have decided to receive a chemical peal. I got 20% chemical peel. I was told that the peel would... READ MORE

Could I burn my skin with a 12% of glycolic acid?

I have been using glycolic acid 12% in cream for several weeks, never had a bad reaction to it. Yesterday, by mistake, I put a little bit more of the... READ MORE

What is considered a "normal" reaction to a MyBody/Glowbiotics Probiotic Face Peel? (Photo)

I had this peel done yesterday and within the hour, I started to have a reaction. I got dark steaks all over my face, I'm peeling as well as my cheeks... READ MORE

Green peel allergy?

I'm writing this message to warn people from possible allergy to green peel. My allergy started 48hrs after the green peel with itchiness, heat &... READ MORE

Extreme reaction to salicylic acid peel 15% I've been using for months?

Usually, I can do the full 8 minutes once a month. today, 30 seconds, tops. It was a new bottle. I also use retinol cream 4x a week. I am a... READ MORE

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