Pigmentation + Chemical Peel

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Is Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel Common?

After 4 weeks from a medium Chemical Peel, I'm starting to get large brownish, grayish spots all over my face. I've done everything including using... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Asian Skin?

I am Filipino. I am planning on getting a Chemical peel soon for my acne. Is it good for Asian skin? I've looked at before and after pictures, but... READ MORE

One High-strength Chemical Peel Vs. Several Low-strength Peels

To help with pigmentation issues, dull skin, and fine lines, I'm considering having either a series of 3 to 4 7% TCA + 2% salicylic peels, or just... READ MORE

Can I Perform Chemical Peeling on My Back for Severe Pigmentation?

I consulted a cosmetics clinic after suffering from acne scars and old acne spots. after performing fractional laser on my whole back caused severe... READ MORE

Best Minimally-invasive Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Caused by Chemical Peels?

What is the best treatment for hyperpigmentation? I just did a TCA 20% chemical peel about 2 weeks ago and now how really bad hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Tanned Skin?

I am 23 years old with light/medium wheat skin. Last summer in July, I got a tan, and it has been 9 months and I can still see the remains on it on my... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Apply 10% Glycolic Acid Lotion Ph 3.5 Twice a Day on Your Body Daily & then Use Amlactin 12% Lactic Acid Ph 4.5?

Every other day? or is that too much exfoliation for asian skin? Would that & daily use of 4% hydroquinone for 4 months be enough to get rid of... READ MORE

Obagi Products for South Asians?

I live in Karachi, Pakistan. Is it safe to use Obagi products here in this part of world on my skin type? I have skin discoloration and pigmentation.... READ MORE

Are chemical peels safe while on antibiotic ( solodyn)?

Is it safe to do a Chemical peel or microdermabrasion while on solodyn , and with current mild active acne ? Will the chances of pigment or scaring... READ MORE

Pigmentation in Face. For Fast Result, Is it Safe To Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel?

I have some pigmentation in my face rest of my body is fair ...For fast result is It Safe to Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel? READ MORE

Can I use Vitamin C Cream after chemical peel?

I had a PCA Sensi Peel four days ago and noticed darker/pigmented areas around my mouth and chin. Can I use a vitamin C cream to help get rid of the... READ MORE

Does dermabrasion or chemical peels cause permanent hypo/hyper pigmentation on skin Fitzpatrick 4 or 5?

I have some scars from breakout..they are not very deep but indented(shallow) and are dynamic on stretching the skin. I am planning to go for... READ MORE

Treatment for Undereye Pigmentation After Chemical Peel Complications?

I got a medium TSA 35% chemical peel over a month ago. My skin is still recovering and I think it will be a couple months before the redness goes away... READ MORE

Help! Chemical Peel After Effects!

Hello: My girlfriend got chemical peeling done about 5 months ago (Early April, 2014). After the peel, she had dark patches all over her face and neck... READ MORE

Brown pigmentation on my skin after chemical peeling to my face!

I had a chemical peel one day ago ,, at first my face turned red and a little bit swollen ,, but today i woke up with brown pigmentation on my skin !... READ MORE

Perfect Peel - 3 weeks later noticing pigmentation areas (Photo)

But i go abroad in august she said shel do it when I get back do I really need to take such drastic action on my skin isn't there anything I can buy... READ MORE

Which Percentage of Glycolic Peel is Best Suited for Pigmentation on Legs Legs and How Many Times a Week Should It Be Used?

What % glycoilc peel is useful for pigmentation on legs and how many times it need to be used a week . Can I also use HQ+ along with it please... READ MORE

How to Treat a Demarcation Line and Dark Brown Pigmentation After a 20 Micron MLP on a Middle Eastern Skin Type Brown Color?

The reason for my peel is a brown spot and some acne scars on my chin.she gave me a hydroquinine cream 4% a month before, after the procedure the pain... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to even skin tone and get rid of dark pigment spots caused by lactic acid peel? (photos)

I recently used a lactic acid chemical peel of 85% and it burned my skin. Now I have dark spots everywhere and I am having to cover it up with liquid... READ MORE

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