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Is It Normal for my Face to Be Brown in Areas After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I did a home peel months ago. Started with 10% and nothing happened. No redness or peeling at all. Few weeks later I did 20% with the same results.... READ MORE

Combining Glycolic Acid and Salcylic Acid

How does combining Glycolic acid and Salcylic acid benefit our skin? Is there a minimum percentage of amount for it to work on our face? READ MORE

For My First Chemical Peel, What Percentage Is Best?

I want to do a 25% tca/pumpkin peel for my stomach and I want to know if the percentage is too strong.If so,do you have any suggestions ? My skin is... READ MORE

What Percentage Peel is Medical Grade?

Wht Can Aestheticians Legally Work With? READ MORE

Best chemical peel and percentage and the number of sessions for my pitted shallow acne scars. (photo)

What chemical peel, what percentage will remove top layer of my skin to remove my pitted acne scars and how many sessions do I need? Glycolic acid 40%... READ MORE

Glycolic acid. What is the recommended % for a first time user?

What percentage should I start out using Im A black female lite skin. I have some acne and some darker spots what is a good %for me to start with... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for the Top Lip?

I want to do a 18% chemical peel but not for my whole face...I just want to get rid of some lines above my top lip and to do it at home will this help... READ MORE

Would 40% lactic acid peel give me the legs I want? (Photo)

I have dark spots on my legs and arms I've been wanting them gone for year. Please tell me this will help. READ MORE

Chemical peel / dark spots. Is this normal? Will it fade over time? (Photo)

I used a 70% chemical peel, for 15 minutes each, for two days in a row. I have a very deep sun spot I used it on and after the second day it turned... READ MORE

What type of Chemical Peel and percentage can be used for acne scars and brown spots?

I recently had a Glycolic 20% chemical peel done last week at a clinic (1st time). Due to the sensitivity of my skin, I easily scar, I asked them to... READ MORE

Chemical peel for neck and chest. Is there an over the counter one that's mild enough but effective?

I have one a month on face. Is there an over the counter one that's mild enough but effective? If so, a name and % of type would be great to know. READ MORE

Lactic Acid Peel - will this purplish reddish color be permanent?

Hello, I have already done multiple 40% lactic acid peels successfully with no side affects. But the last time I did it I went over 3 "scabs" (pimples... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel would work best for hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my back due to acne . would tca work better or salycilic acid? and how much percentage of it would be best? READ MORE

Follow up: redness after 3 months of chemical peel. IS it permanent ? if not How long will it take to heal back? (photo)

Did a 25 % peel at dermatologist office 3 months back . after peeling my skin has been red . Dr gave me steroid cream to be used for 4 weeks n then... READ MORE

Duration of chemical peel left on face ?

Hi, many a times when I got chemical peels at the derm office, they left the peels overnight for me - and I really saw a visible difference. So I... READ MORE

30% TCA peel- day 6 and most areas just won't peel still? (Photo)

Doctor says he used 30% TCA and did two layers over the entire face. I am feeling very frustrated that my progress seems to be so much different than... READ MORE

Chemical Peeling went wrong? (Photos)

My dermatologist did a 70% Glycholic Peeling Wednesday. My skin look horrible. I have areas witch look burned and are peeling and I have red- brown... READ MORE

Help. I recently got a chemical peel. My face looks burnt and is very dry (Photo)

I have always gotten chemical peels and they have never left my face looking bird recently I got a chemical peel that was 30% my face looks burnt and... READ MORE

Bad chemical peel 40 percent done yesterday? (photo)

Been doing for months but this time it left me burnt. Have them done at 50 percent and did not get burnt. What should I do so it does not scar? READ MORE

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