Moles + Chemical Peel

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Is Chemical Peel Harmful to Moles?

I want to use TCA for my moles, they occured after sun exposure and they're all flat,small and round like freckles. I want to get rid of them because... READ MORE

Is Chemical Peeling Dangerous to Moles?

I have two moles on my face, one small and the other big, both close to the lips. I'd like to know if it's dangerous to apply a peel over them. What... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Chemical Peel if I Have Facial Moles?

I am an African American woman with large pores and some dark spots due to acne. I am considering getting a chemical peel (salicylic acid) but I am... READ MORE

Which Peels are best for African-American skin?

I have noticeable patches of dark discoloration on my face due to now-healed eczema and a sprinkling of small, flat brown moles. I think a Vi Peel is... READ MORE

Chemical peel / laser resurfacing (or similar) to get rid of moles & freckles?

Will either laser resurfacing or a chemical peel help get rid of marks on your skin such as small flat moles and freckles? I want to get one or the... READ MORE

I have bad acne scars I need to find a way to have them removed from my face ASAP? (photo)

Also want to get rid of beauty marks and I would like to do the non surgically, without paying a ridiculous amount of money READ MORE

What chemical peel would be good for my skin?

I am African american and suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation. I want something that will clear the acne as well as the scars. I have tried at-home... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause moles/tiny raises bumps? (Photo)

I had a bad chemical peel experience and I had a few spots of first degree burns which have since healed up (left some discolouration). I have noticed... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause moles? If so, can it lead to cancer? If not, I would like to know what the 2 brown spots are I have

I will never use chemical peels again as they are unnatural. I used to but ECA and glycolic acid peel online. The last one I did hurt very much and... READ MORE

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