Moisturizer + Chemical Peel

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After TCA Peel, Should I Be Moisturizing or Using Aquaphor on my Skin?

I had a 20% TCA Peel done on 3 days ago. I was instructed not to use any type of moisturizer on it until I was done peeling. This is contrary to... READ MORE

Should You Moisturize After a Chemical Peel or Not?

I heard that moisturizing may delay the peeling process Oh I have one more question too, how are chemical peels on the body different than they are on... READ MORE

How do I get rid of tiny bumps after chemical peel? (Photo)

I believe my recent chemical peel wasn't applied correctly. I had one other peel before this one with much better results. All was ok until about 2... READ MORE

What Moisturizer and Face Wash Should I Use After a Chemical Peel?

I am an african american woman with unpredictable mild acne, undereye bags and an uneven complextion. HELP! Also i want to do the chemical peel at... READ MORE

Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin? (photo)

My dermatologist recomended the procedure of the vitalize peel for some brown spots I have and gave me the PCA post procedure kit but somehow when I... READ MORE

Chemical burn from Retin A and Lactic Acid use? (Photo)

A week ago I started using Retin A 1% at night in my smile line area. Before this regimen, I was doing a lactic acid/50 gel peel every 1 or 2 weeks.... READ MORE

Did I Intensify my Lactic Peel when I Applied Moisturizer with Retinol?

I had a lactic chemical peel and accidentally applied my normal moisturizer the next morning (Neutrogena Healthy Skin with retinol). I believe this... READ MORE

Had facial TCA chemical peel 3 days ago. Should I moisturize my peeling skin?


Will my skin heal itself? Chemical peel related, laugh lines are now wrinkles..

So recently I did a fade peel from MUAC which contains glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%. Out of habit that day though... READ MORE

Slightly elevated bumps on area where chemical peel was done. I'm using cerave wash. Should I be putting something else on?

Okay. Received a light chemical peel. So these "bumps" I am referring to do not hurt at all. They are skin color and slightly elevated so i don't even... READ MORE

After chemical peel, my dead skin is not removing and face become black in some places. What can I do?

After chemical peel my dead skin is not removing and face become black from some places...what can i do..i applied moisturizer every time...because... READ MORE

I had Apeele 2 days ago, and my skin is red and very dry. When can I moisturize?

Had apeele two days ago. I am peeling like crazy today around mouth, lower cheeks and neck. Face is still red, even the new skin. Derm said not to... READ MORE

Getting light peel tonight. I have a couple healing breakouts and had been using aczone on them at. Ok to get peel still?

For the past week I have been using aczone on an area where I had active breakouts and now they are in the healing process. Is it okay to get the peel... READ MORE

Will the scars fade after using chemical peel?

Recently, I've used a chemical peel called UK derm erase solution. It is on a roller ball and it says it treat scars. So, I used it (because I have so... READ MORE

Question: did day 2 moisurizing (prior to peeling) neutralize the Perfect Peel?

When the PP was first applied on day one @ 1pm, I waited until the next morning @ 9:30am to wash my face and apply the first post-peel treatment... READ MORE

I did a 40% chemical peel and now it has been 6 days & still no peeling. Why is that so? Your advise would be appreciated

Dear doc I ave been suffering from scar for years now so I desided to do a tca peel on my skin. been seeing the review n get soo excited to try so I... READ MORE

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