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What Chemical Peel is Best to Even Skin Tone and Clear Acne on Dark Skin?

I am an African American male and want to even out my skin tone more specifically my face and neck which is noticeably darker than the rest of my body... READ MORE

Permanent Damage to Face From Chemical Peel? (Picture Attached)

I can't tell if this is going to be permanent. I don't go in the sun anymore and wear spf everyday. Is this just hyperpigmentation making my... READ MORE

Treatment of severe Hyperpigmentation after lactic acid chemical peel.(photos)

Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Earlier had little pigmentation near eyes / forehead. 1. Applied "Nomelan Fenol" medium strength chemical peel.... READ MORE

Brownish Burn marks after skin peel. The marks don't peel off. It has been 3 weeks. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a skin peel 3 weeks back. It was my second peel. The feist was a deep peel which left burnt marks which peeled out in 2 weeks. But after the... READ MORE

Panic - A Home Peel Disaster Using Multiple Peels and Thus Severe Red Lumps?

Did two peels within an hour gap. Yes, I'm a greedy idiot at times who thinks the more the better. Some quick details, and there's a pic too:... READ MORE

Skin Turned to Leather After Chemical Peel on Day 2? (photo)

I applied a chemical peel yesterday. I applied it as instructed. When I went to bed last night my skin was gray. When I woke up this am my skin was... READ MORE

Why did my skin change color after a Perfect Peel? (photo)

Got it from a beautician. Skin was burnt and elevated after the 3rd day. After the skin peeled my skin was a complely different color READ MORE

Is Chemical Peels My Best Option?

I'm 26 Asian male. I always got red/brown marks as a result of acne. I use glycolic acid cleanser and cream and it doesn't work as well as before. Is... READ MORE

Is This Chemical Peel Scarring, or Normal?

I received a skin medica vitalize chemical peel from a medi-spa, and the aesthetician put the solution on my face and neck. My face seems to be pretty... READ MORE

I have given a chemical peel last year causing discoloration, demarcation, patchy red and white skin. What can I do? (photo)

I was given a chemical peel in April LAST YEAR-  The estetician thought she gave me a 25% TCA peel (it was a product she just received from... READ MORE

Would a Light AHA Peel Be the Safest for Brown Skin?

And are there any differences, being a male, vs. female skin in the results? READ MORE

Chemical Often Should I Get Them?

Hi, I am a 27 year old male with combination skin and a few old acne scars (not very visible). I am kind of going through a phase, I am beginning to... READ MORE

What are the brown patches from my chemical peel?

I recently did a diy chemical peel. I have had it done by an esthetican in the past..I used mandelic acid from MUAC however the active ingredient says... READ MORE

What is the best chemical peel for my hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Those hyperpigmentaions came after developing moderate acne. theres also a larger brown patch on the center of my forhead. i tried to squeez a black... READ MORE

Obagi medium chemical peel(s) to treat lots of forehead wrinkles caused by frowning and sun damage. Is this strong enough?

I have lots of diaganol forehead wrinkles that are fine and static and have around $2000 to spend . I have visited a professional who has advised... READ MORE

Which peel would be beneficial for mild acne scarring and post hyperpigmentation spots?

I'm 23, male. I was on accutane for 4 months to treat acne. 2 months have passed since my accutane got over and I've remained acne free. Have been... READ MORE

Chemical peels and Co2?

I am looking to get CO2 laser AND chemical peel. I have some acnes scars on my cheek and general redness (for the last 15 yrs, I am mid-30s male). The... READ MORE

Should I get a peel, laser treatment or continue the cream medication i was applying? (Post Accutante-5years) (Photo)

Im a 23 year old hispanic male. Ive tried differen and also Retin A Micro along with other medications. My skin has stayed the same for about 3-4... READ MORE

Dark patches with uneven skin tone after derma peeling 5 years ago? What caused it? (Photo)

Hi, I am Indian male living in EU. I had derma-peeling treatment for my acne at Feb 2009 in India. Since then my skin became more dark with uneven... READ MORE

Will acne heal after chemical peeling?

I'm a 16 years old boy and have been facing thus problem since 13 and finally visiting many doctors I had a decision for chemical peeling. The thing... READ MORE

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