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Can I Start Wearing Makeup a Day After a Chemical Peel?

After a chemical peel, can I start wearing makeup the next day? If not, how long do I have to wait? READ MORE

How much downtime after light chemical peel? Running outside/inside, weight training inside but sweating? And makeup? (photo)

I'm training for a half marathon and would like to continue my running plus I take a Kettle bell class inside gym but do a lot if sweating. Will doing... READ MORE

What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel

What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel READ MORE

I just ordered The Perfect Peel, heard such good things about it. Is it safe to apply at home? (photos)

I am blonde, blue eyed woman, I use organic makeup and skin care lines. The pic below was taken last year, so not much of a change in appearance. I do... READ MORE

Chemical Peel 3 Weeks Ago, Started Using Foundation and Woke up With Swelling Around Face?

Had a Deep Chemical Peel 3 Weeks Ago New York Plastic Surgeon Who Has a Great Reputation.started Using Foundation, woke up friday with swelling around... READ MORE

I have bags under my eyes and acne scarring. Should I get a chemical peel? Also what's the most organic makeup? (photo)

I have acne off and on and get really red around my nose, I don't like to use a lot of chemicals I am recovering from many years of makeup! I need a... READ MORE

Effect of chemical peel on semi-permanent makeup?

I was thinking of getting a chemical peel to help me control the out break of blackheads on my nose , problem is I had an embarrassing white scar... READ MORE

Fair girl with red skin, pigmentated/freckles, large pores in t-zone and fine lines.

What are some home care products that are best for my skin? My skin is depressing me as I'll never have flawless skin, I can't leave the house without... READ MORE

Chemical peel - how long before I can apply makeup and return to work?

I am considering getting a medium chemical peel done. First queastion is how long before I can apply make up and return to work ? And the other... READ MORE

Can you please suggest when should I get my 2nd session of peel since I should wear makeup. My 1st session was done on 2nd jan

I had my chemical peel on 2nd Jan. I usually act in movies. My shooting again starts from 16th Jan. Can you please suggest when should i get my 2nd... READ MORE

Would 20% lactic acid peels work on old hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have small spots of hyperpigmentation from around 10 years ago from acne. The scars have no texture. And they are darker than they look in the... READ MORE

I had a chemical peel 24 hours ago- it was low grade glycolic peel and it last 3 min. When can I apply my foundation?

This is my third peel in last 6 weeks. I am having it done for pigmentation. My skin does look better each time and I don't have any burn marks or... READ MORE

Why can't brown skin color people get deep chemical peels done? Or can we? (Photo)

I went to see a surgeon and he said "NO I wouldn't do a deep chemical peel on you" because I have brown skin he explained. But I want it done- I have... READ MORE

Struggling with my oily, sensitive skin: nothing suits it. 23-year old, female.

Hello...i m 23 year old female....and struggling from oily sensitive skin, nothing suits on my skin even i have consulted doctor before 1 year and he... READ MORE

When can I wear lotion/makeup after a mini melange peel?

(I mean my own products, not the soothing balm) READ MORE

I have problem with my skin when I wear make-up. I'm thinking to do chemical peeling? (Photo)

It seem tired and everything wrong with it appear clear . I do not know why . I have changed many fonditions and i alwayes exfoliate my skin. I am... READ MORE

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