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Chemical Peels for Dark Knees, Elbows, Hands and Feet?

Can chemical peels be used to lighten dark feet, hands, knees and elbows? Can it be used on African skin? READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Lighten Asian Skin and Complexion?

I am an Asian with medium complexion that looks tan with breakouts and post-acne scars. Can chemical peels help me lighten my complexion and solve the... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a chemical peel on the bikini area that with help lighten the blemishes or is that too harsh?

I am a healthy 19 year old woman w/ dark skin. For many years I have suffered from folliculitis & ingrown hairs on my bikini area which has left my... READ MORE

Chemical Peel to Enhance Absorption of Bleaching Creams?

I am African American with uneven skin & want to drastically lighten my skin. I need to know what kind of Chemical Peel will encourage massive... READ MORE

Can Deep Chemical Peels Reveal the Lighter Skin Underneath?

Sometimes when you get a scab, it will stay there for a while. Then, when it lifts, the skin is lighter and never returns to original color. If you... READ MORE

What Kind of Chemical Peel Should I Use to Lighten the Skin on Underarms?

I want to use a chemical peel to lighten the skin on my underarms and groin area. What type and what strength peel should I use? READ MORE

Peel to Lighten or Remove Freckles?

Okay so I have dark freckles on my body and lips. Also I light tan freckles on my face and eyelids. I was wondering what peel would be good to help... READ MORE

Besides Lactic Acid, What At-home Peels Will Lighten my Complexion?

I can't use Lactic Acid because I can't tolerate the itchy sensation. I am contemplating btw using a Malic Acid or TCA peel... BTW, I have... READ MORE

Can I Ever Get Back my Natural Skin Tone by Dermaroller Which it Lost After Chemical Peeling?

I have asian skin tone which has become darker after one sitting of chemical peeling right i am doing dermaroller will it help me get back by natural... READ MORE

Maxi Peel 3 on underarms. It burned my skin

I used maxi peel exfoliant 3 for under arms.. It burned my skin.. Not too much.. Tell me how to recover or make it lighten.. Other than laser... READ MORE

Is that possible to change the black skin to fair one using peeling?

Hello sir I'm an indian black guy and I want to be look fair so is that possible to change the color of my skinn READ MORE

Can I use bleaching lotion after I'm done peeling? Will it make my skin complexion lighter?

Im done peeling,my peel provider advised me to avoid sun and told me not to use any sunblock lotion yet, aside from mild ones, could you recommend me... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin?

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin? I know peels cause hyperpigmentation which has happened to me. However every time I try to lighten... READ MORE

Which is the best peel for skin lightening?

I have dark skin due to over exposure to sun. I need to lighten my skin tone. So,which is the best skin peel for lightening my skin tone? READ MORE

Artificially Lightened Skin and Chemical Peels?

If your skin has been artificially lightened (via kojic acid, hydroquinone etc.), do you become less susceptible to the possible side effects of... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for skin lightening? (photos)

Hi there i am trying to even out my skin tone. I am biracial and stopped using sunscreen when i was ten. I play sports in the sun now my arms and face... READ MORE

Cant I Put a Chemical Peel on my Elbows?

I have very dark elbows and im pale what should i do? READ MORE

Any suggestions to lighten my skin by 3 shades?

Doctor i hav been on chemical peel (lactic 40% + kojic 10%) so far hav got 7 peels skin got a bit brightened but didnt lighten...plz suggest... READ MORE

How to Make Lips Pinker? Would Chemical Peels Work?

I have two toned lips, the top part is a dark brown and the bottom is more pink. I would like for the top part to match the bottom part. READ MORE

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