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I just ordered The Perfect Peel, heard such good things about it. Is it safe to apply at home? (photos)

I am blonde, blue eyed woman, I use organic makeup and skin care lines. The pic below was taken last year, so not much of a change in appearance. I do... READ MORE

Do Doctors Have Access to Better Quality TCA Peel Solutions Than What Can Bought Online?

There are lot of companies offering at home TCA peels, but my question is do dermatoglist and plastic surgeons use better quality acids. I know that... READ MORE

What Kind of Chemical Peel Should I Get for Dark, Dull Skin?

What peel i should do? where i can get a good chemical peel in bahrain to do at home?  i am 33 with medium complection. now i am in Bahrain and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmenation after chemical peel. (photo)

I did a chemical peel at home. I know, bad idea. I'm desparate. I have a demanding work life and acne/rosacea is making my career take a hit. I did... READ MORE

What is a good at home peel for a beginner with a caramel African American skin complexion? (Photo)

I have acne & Hyperpigmentation on my face(oily), back chest & shoulders my dermatologist Refered to the conditions on my body as comedones they are... READ MORE

Any recommendations for using at home "Perfect Image" chemical peels ?

I'm 32, Indian F, lighter acne prone skin with pitted and hyperpigm scars. done many chemical peels/fraxel/ematrix over the years. Used 10% gly acid... READ MORE

Fair girl with red skin, pigmentated/freckles, large pores in t-zone and fine lines.

What are some home care products that are best for my skin? My skin is depressing me as I'll never have flawless skin, I can't leave the house without... READ MORE

My question is how do I recover from a Neutregena in home face peel? After leaving it on for way too long. (photos)

Could really use a step by step advice Thank You For Your time and dedications from helping so many people God bless. READ MORE

Which type of home treatment is best for my face? Which type of mask or peel would be more effective?

I have a light skin tone and usually dry, sensitive face. I have medium acne and mild scarring. I've had acne for about three years. And it won't go... READ MORE

How long until I can start using chemical peels after two months of use?

Hello! I've been doing chemical peels at home for two months now. I'm so happy with the results, however I'm not done yet and it's been two months.... READ MORE

Chemical peel process at home?

I did laser -medium 51 -1 sitting-it swells my cheeks 3 days and redness for a week.Done 2 years back and now i wanna to peel. plz guide me about... READ MORE

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